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Choosing a Niche Market Wisely

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Choosing a Niche Market

Choosing a Niche Market

Choosing a niche market can be rather challenging for new Internet marketers. One of the biggest and worst mistakes anyone can possibly make is picking a niche without data to support potential profitability, then spending weeks or months building up their websites content hoping the traffic will follow. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.

Before you put any eggs into your online marketing basket you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row first; before proceeding with your website building phase. Here’s a few things to keep in mind whenever selecting a niche market for your Internet marketing business.

Niche Potential Profitability

You should always choose a niche that has a large enough audience that are ready and willing to purchase products or services in that specific niche. Yet, you also want to make certain that the competition level isn’t overly saturated, which makes it extremely difficult to make money. Having some competition in your niche is a good indicator of profitability, and by performing the proper keyword research can help you match those profitable keywords and phrases to highly sort after products or services.

Finding Niches of Interest

Although there’s nothing wrong with finding profitable niches in markets that don’t really interest you, you should consider markets that you enjoy, or have an extreme interest in. The reason for this is simple; people tend to have more longevity when doing something they really enjoy versus something they have little interest in. So to stay focused and motivated you should choose a niche that you absolutely enjoy.

You should try to come up with at least five things you really enjoy, and begin researching these niches. More than likely you will find one that’s not only interesting to you, but profitable as well.

Niche Lifespan and Scalability

You should select a niche market that has an indefinite lifespan and the potential to grow. For instance, I would stay away from niches such as Halloween costumes simply because it’s a seasonal niche. Once Halloween ends your paychecks disappears until next season!

Whenever searching for a niche market to dive into, make certain that it has the potential to grow on a long term basis. Many niches have the potential to sustain long term growth, and have related products and services to add to your niche market.

These are a just few key things to remember when choosing profitable niche markets. To learn more about choosing niche markets come on over to The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virgina, and don’t forget to download your FREE brochure.

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5 Quick Tips When Outsourcing Your Internet Marketing Task

Outsourcing Your Internet Marketing Task

Outsourcing Your Internet Marketing Task

At some point in every Internet marketers career you may have to make a decision regarding outsourcing. One of the biggest reasons for outsourcing your tasks is to give you the ability to work more efficiently, free oneself from a heavy workload, or you simply lack the expertise in some areas. Whatever the case may be, I will give you five tips to help you select the right person for the job.

First, let me point out a few tasks many Internet marketers tend to outsource frequently.

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Article Writing
  • Link Building
  • Video Editing
  • Programming

Now, your probably wondering where could you find such experienced service providers without breaking the piggy bank. Well, below is a small list of well known websites that have tons of freelance service providers for all aspects of Internet marketing, at very low rates.


Tip #1 – Escrow Service

All of the above websites with the exception of, offers an escrow service to safeguard your funds until the job is completed to your satisfaction. In case an individual you outsourced the work to fails to meet you job description you have the right to withhold the funds until the service provider makes any corrections. This is extremely important, especially when you hire someone that’s hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Tip #2 – Post Detailed Job Descriptions

When ever you post jobs to any freelance website make certain to explain in FULL details about the assignment. By doing so, puts you and the provider on the exact same page leaving less room for errors . If you fail to cover all details you risk wasting your time and money.

Tip #3 – Check Providers Feedback

It’s good practice to check each and every providers feedback before assigning your jobs. Make sure to choose only providers with positive ratings on past projects with an excellent completion rate.

Tip #4 – Providers Job History

It’s very important that the provider you hire for a job has experience in your particular job description. For example,  if you looking for a content writer you need to check his or her feedback for past content writing assignments. This will tell if they’re experienced and cut out for job.

Tip #5 – Handling Large Projects

If you plan to assign large projects that extends over a period of weeks or months it’s likely that you’ll have to release some funds from escrow. By setting your milestones, your funds will be released in increments as each phase of your project is completed.

By using the tips above will help minimize your assignments turn around times, and avoid disagreements with service providers with regards to your projects.

To learn more about outsourcing visit The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virgina, and don’t forget to download your FREE brochure.

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Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

7 Quick Tips For Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

7 Quick Tips For Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

Choosing the perfect website hosting service can be a bit overwhelming for many new website owners, especially nowadays because there are literally hundreds of web hosting companies offering many different hosting packages. Below I will point out some of the must have features of a good hosting plan you should look for before signing up for any hosting service.

Web Hosting Cost

Whether you plan to build just one website or many the hosting cost should fall somewhere between $5 – $12 per month. Typically you can save more money if you select to pay the full year in advance. To receive additional discounts you may also have the option to prepay for the service for two or more years. The longer the hosting service duration, the lower the overall monthly cost.

Web Hosting Control Panel (cPanel)

Most popular web hosting providers include cPanel as their web hosting control panel. cPanel helps users to manage their domains through an online interface. It gives users the ability to configure and manage their websites, set up multiple email accounts, create and edit databases, set up and manage sub-domain names, ftp access and more. cPanel normally comes with a commercial script library called Fantastico. With Fantastico you have access to numerous scripts for installation such as WordPress, support desk, forums and shopping carts to name a few. Cpanel is also the most popular and widely used control panel throughout the hosting industry.

Ability to Host Multiple Domains

If you plan on hosting more than one domain name on your account then you must make certain that the hosting company allows multiple domain hosting. Most popular hosting providers offer unlimited domain hosting which allows you to host as many websites as you like with just one hosting account.

Monthly Bandwidth

Your monthly bandwidth is added up each time a visitor accesses data from your website. Being that bandwidth is the biggest culprit of hosting costs, you want to check the limits placed on each hosting plan to see if it fits your websites criteria. Many hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth with some of their plans.

Disk Space

In order to store your website files such as pages, graphics and videos you must make certain to obtain adequate disk space for your hosting service. These days you can find numerous hosting companies offering unlimited disk space at reasonable costs.

Hosting Service Reliability

There are many hosting companies that guarantee 99-100% up-time. What this basically means is your website is guaranteed to be live at all times with no interruptions. Typically hosting companies that boast this guarantee normally have backup servers in case of technical issues.

Customer Support

If you should run into any technical issues with your website, having access to 24 hour customer support is essential to your online business. Be sure to choose a hosting provider that offers 24 hour tech support by phone or live chat.

These are a few important features you should look for when purchasing your hosting service.

To get more tips about web host selection, and other valuable online marketing techniques, please visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia , and remember to download your FREE online career brochure!

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Google Search Engine and How it Works

Google Search Engine and How it Works

Google Search Engine and How it Works

Whether an Internet marketer or website owner, receiving traffic to your website or sales letter should be one of your biggest priorities. One method of getting free traffic is by organic search results using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are other paid methods for driving traffic to your website such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per Impression (CPM).

When someone types into Google’s search bar, either a word or phrase, this is known as a keyword or key phrase. The results that are displayed after the search query is known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Google SERPS

When it comes to the SERPS there are two types of results that are displayed, sponsored and organic results. Sponsored results are located in two areas of the page, at the very top center and on the right hand side. These sponsored ads are known as Pay Per Click which are paid ads that appear whenever someone searches a particular keyword or phrase. The owners of these ads are only charged once their ad is clicked.

Organic results make up the majority of the SERPS and get 5-6 times as much traffic than PPC ads. These results are displayed by Google’s algorithm as the most relevant websites that match the keyword or phrase search criteria.

Making it to the first page of Google is the objective for most website owners who understand the value of being where their targeted audience lurks. This could mean literally thousands of visitors to their website each and every month. So how exactly do we make it to the first page of Google?

Making the First Page of Google

First off, there are two main things that Google’s algorithm uses to determine which pages should appear on the first page of any search query, that’s good content and backlinks.

Google tends to reward web pages in the SERPS that are relevant, have well written original content and informative to it’s users.

Google also rewards for backlinks – Backlinks are external links from other websites that point back to your website giving it “popularity points”. The more popular the link source, the more credibility this adds to your website. So websites with higher page rank will affect your website SERPS in a positive way.

To learn how to catapult your website to the first page of Google and enjoy thousands of targeted visitors per month, please visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia , and remember to download your FREE online career brochure!

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Creating Opt-Ins and Free Gifts

Creating Opt-Ins and Free Gifts

Creating Opt-Ins and Free Gifts

Giving away awesome free gifts in exchange for an email address is an effective way to increase your email list.

So why is it that no one is returning to your website, or worst, why are they opting out after they receive your free gift?

Could it be your free offer?

Below I will discuss two things to consider that will help increase your opt-in rate, and keep your subscribers.

Offer Free Gifts That Has Value!

Think about it, what good is a free gift if it has no value whatsoever?

Your free offer is basically more crucial than anything else you may have. It’s your job to AWE your subscribers with your free product or information, similar to a first impression. By presenting your visitors with free valuable offers you are actually showing them that everything you present has value, even the free stuff!

By offering free gifts that has value can also reduce your subscribers opt-out rate. Most people will remain subscribers as long as they see some value in what your offering.

Making Use Of An Autoresponder

It’s important to use an autoresponder to help manage your email list. An autoresponder will help you schedule a sequence of emails to be sent to your list automatically according to your preset schedule. I must advise NOT to use a free autoresponder due to poor quality and lack of options. Free autoresponders lacks professionalism especially if your not able to use your primary email address. Besides that, there’s absolutely no assurance that your emails will be delivered on time, if at all.

It’s been said that 95% of online businesses do NOT automate their marketing strategies. By simply using an autoresponder will increase your online sales and will make your marketing efforts a breeze to manage.

To learn more about autoresponders and the proper ways to use them, please visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia , and remember to download your FREE career brochure!

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Why the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia?

Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia | Internet Marketing Course and Training Program

Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia

These days there are many individuals looking to earn a living on the Internet by simply working at home on their computers. If your one of these people more than likely you’ve done exhaustive research on the Internet in search of a genuine Internet marketing program to enroll in to help you get on the right track with Internet marketing. If you landed on this page and you’re reading this article I have good news for you!

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is by far the most unique and best Internet marketing training facility in the world! Let me explain.

First, IMTCVA is the ONLY “CERTIFIED” Internet marketing training center in the entire United States, recognized by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Second, the schools program was founded and created by Tom Antion, one of the most respected, top public speakers and Internet marketers in the world. Tom has dedicated his life to Internet marketing and training since the birth of the Internet back in the 90’s.

Third, the staff at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is obsessed with staying abreast of all the latest Internet marketing techniques and resources of information in this constantly evolving business. You can be sure you’ll learn the best “old school” techniques that still work, as well as the latest techniques that have proven results.

Lastly, each student can work at his or her own pace. Whether they’re an online or campus student, the course can be completed in as little as 6 months, with an Internet marketing certificate upon completion. All students have the ability to interact with trainers and other students by phone, face to face, email, blog, wikis, discussion forums, text messaging, teleclasses and more, giving all students the best training experience around.

To learn more about this unique opportunity and how to enroll, please visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia , and remember to download your FREE career brochure!

Setting Up Your Website With WordPress

Setting Up a WordPress Website

Setting Up Your WordPress Website

If you are new to WordPress you may find it to be a bit overwhelming to understand. This article will help you get started with setting up your WordPress website.

First off, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to create a static website or blog. The WordPress software is free and can either be downloaded from and manually installed on your server, or you can install it directly from within your hosting account.

Setting up your WordPress site is fairly easy and should only take several minutes to complete. Here are the simple steps to take:

  1. Register your domain name.
  2. Set up a website hosting account.
  3. Install the latest version of WordPress.

Register Your Domain Name

There are two places you can register your domain name. One place would be a domain registration company, and the other would be your hosting provider. It would be much simpler to purchase your domain from your hosting provider versus a registration company simply because you eliminate the extra steps of having to change the Nameservers. And most new website owners don’t have a clue of what a Nameserver is.

At the moment you can find a domain name for under $10 per year.

Sign Up With Website Hosting

Next you will need to purchase a web hosting account. You can find reliable and cheap web hosting for under $7 per month. An excellent place to start is by visiting The majority of web host support WordPress, but be sure to check before signing up for their service.

Installing WordPress

You have two choices when installing WordPress to your host, an automatic install or manual install. The easiest and quickest way is by using the automatic installation wizard your host provides. If you choose to install manually you will have to download the WordPress software, manually setup your database, then upload all the files for installation.

Upon completion of the installation you receive a link to your WordPress administration login page. Here you will be able to login, access and manage your website or blog. You will be able to change your websites design layout, theme and add content to your pages.

For more complete information on setting up a WordPress website, I encourage you to visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia , and please don’t forget to download the FREE career brochure!

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Factors and Trends of SEO

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A Few Factors and Trends of SEO

Factors and Trends of SEO

Factors and Trends of SEO

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever changing environment. The purpose of this article is to identify some of the main factors that could in fact alter your SEO strategies, and eventually your search engine rankings. I’ll also explain some good points, and a few of the bad points of these changes.

Google Local Search

If you throw together organic and local search results you get Google Places. Since the merge of these search results the layout and the rankings have changed quite a bit. For example, if you typed in “Sushi Bar” you would find several high page ranked websites, as well as local neighborhood listings. The same applies to mobile device search results, Google now uses the mobile user’s geographic location.

The positive side: Since Google’s merging of local search engine results, many businesses has had the opportunity to reach higher rankings. Also, if you have the taste for Sushi you can read restaurant reviews, view photos and pinpoint locations in one shot!

Social Indicators

Both Google and Bing validate that social indicators are in fact used as part of their ranking system. For some time many believed social media to be just that, but now its a fact that Facebook ‘likes’, Google’s ‘+1’ and such are used to influence rankings and may at some point become equivalent to back links.

Google’s Branded Search Results

At one point in time Google would only allow up to 2 search results from any given domain to appear in the search results. But, now Google is recognizing brands and has changed their restrictions allowing multiple results to display from the same domain, if they feel the user’s intent is in search of a particular brand specifically.

The positive side: If your a known brand you will benefit greatly because this can in fact affect your rankings in a positive way.

The negative side: If your an affiliate of some sort selling third party products it may be extremely difficult to rank for these keywords any longer.

Speed of Your Website

Back in 2010 Google confirmed that the speed of websites will be a factor in determining their rankings. There are several elements of a page that can actually slow down a website such as, videos, images, audio and maps. Other things such as your server size, page code and errors may also slow down your website quite a bit.

The positive side: This gives you an advantage to outrank your competition if your website speed is optimal. Also, this will force many website to optimize their slow pages giving users faster search results and a better browsing experience.

These are just a few factors and trends that can affect our SEO strategies.

If you would like to learn more SEO factors and strategies I encourage you to visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia , and don’t forget to download your FREE career brochure!

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Internet Marketing – Ingredients For Success

Internet Marketing - Ingredients For Success

Internet Marketing - Ingredients For Success

Becoming a full time Internet marketer is a growing trend nowadays, but too many individuals fail to implement the key ingredients that make up successful Internet marketing. Below I will point out a few important tips when beginning an online business.

  1. Find Yourself a Mentor – Just like any business not having the proper training in place is detrimental to its success. By finding yourself a quality Mentoring program that provides online marketing training will greatly increase your chances at running a successful Internet marketing business. Not only will a Mentor guide your business in the right direction, they will also save you from the common pitfalls that many new marketers face on a daily basis. They say learning from experience is the best teacher, but in this case learning from an experienced Internet marketer is the better teacher.
  2. Functional & User Friendly Website – Whether selling products or services your website must be fully functional, user friendly and easy to navigate throughout the entire site. Your website should also be attractive to the eye, drawing visitors to explore more of your content. Also, you should always have your products or sales page just a few clicks away, this makes your visitors buying decision easier and convenient, plus it improves your conversion rate.
  3. On-Page Optimization – Your website should consist of multiple keyword optimized pages. This is one of the most important tips when attempting to rank well in the search engines. These keyword driven optimized pages will be the gateway to your website via the major search engines. By doing thorough initial keyword analysis and applying the proper on-page optimization will result in higher visibility, and in turn will drive more traffic to your website.
  4. Off-Page Optimization – Off-page search engine optimization works similar to on-page optimization, but it uses other high page rank sources such as blogs and article directories to help with search engine rankings. Not only will your off-page content rank fairly well in the search engines, they will also provide you with relevant backlinks to your main website.

Here are a few off-page optimization resources:

  • Web 2.0
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Article Directories
  • Social Bookmarking Services
  • Directory Submissions
  • Press Releases
  • Forums
  • RSS Submissions
  • Video Submissions

These are just 4 important tips out of many when beginning an Internet marketing business. If you would like to learn more regarding the proper techniques, tricks, and strategies I encourage you to visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia , and don’t forget to download your FREE career brochure!

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Shopping Cart and Auto Responder

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Shopping Cart and Auto Responder

Shopping Cart and Auto Responder

Shopping Cart and Auto Responder

For all successful Internet marketing it’s important to have an advanced shopping cart and auto responder for your email campaigns. There are many shopping carts and auto responders available for free via web hosting services, but unlike advanced ones they are fairly basic and lack the power.

Before choosing a cart and auto responder you should take into consideration several factors. Below I will discuss several features and options to look for that will benefit you the most.

  1. When sending automatic emails to your opt-in list it’s effective to have the option to send personalized messages. Sending a message with the subscribers name automatically added to the email makes it personal, and can psychologically have an impact on them to become a buyer. Therefore, being able to send personalized messages is one of the biggest factors when choosing an auto responder.
  2. The next feature to look for in an auto responder is having the ability to send follow-up messages. Most auto responders from hosting services only allow you send one follow-up message to your subscribers. It’s important to have the ability to send multiple follow- up messages because this helps to boost sales dramatically on auto pilot!
  3. Another key feature you should look for is having the ability to update or add new messages to your email campaign. This gives you the power to inform your subscribers about new products or opportunities you may offer, which can increase your earnings.
  4. Having the ability to track your adverts performances is another option to look for in an auto responder. This enables you to track your marketing campaigns and performance, letting you know what’s working and what needs improvement.
  5. If you plan on selling digital downloads make sure you choose a shopping cart that has the features to handle automatic digital downloads. The cart should have the ability to create automatic downloads and expiration’s.
  6. Recurring billing is an important feature if you plan on selling products or services that have monthly billing. This feature has an automated recurring billing system built in that automatically bills membership or recurring products.
  7. Another excellent feature to look for in a good shopping cart is having the ability to upsell. By adding post-sale upsell options to your campaign can dramatically boost your sales. You can create upsell funnels to display different offers to each customer.
  8. Multiple Shipping options is another feature to look for when purchasing a good shopping cart. It should support different shipping methods, have the ability to offer free shipping, real-time UPS/USPS shipping calculations, international shipping, ship by quantity, price or weight and much more.
  9. You should also purchase an auto responder that offers support or some sort of training. By having training videos and tutorials helps you to learn and become more familiar with its features 24 hours a day.

These are a few important features to look for when purchasing an advanced shopping cart and auto responder.

To get more information visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia , and don’t forget to download your FREE career brochure!

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