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The online business market is a booming industry. Many individuals are looking to make a living on the Internet by working from home. The individuals interested in the Internet lifestyle range from baby boomers, college grads, single moms and even people with current full time careers. Although, they all have different reasons for pursuing an online career one thing they do have in common is the need for flexibility.

If you are one of the people interested in the Internet lifestyle you have probably done some research on the different Internet marketing programs available. I commend you! It is super important to get started on the right track because without a clear learning path you may waste a lot of time trying to learn the ropes. Besides just learning the process you should also be aware that there are lot of scams floating around on the Internet.

Don’t get discouraged because through your search you landed on this page and you’re reading this article I have good news for you!

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is by far the most unique and best Internet marketing training facility in the world! Let me explain.

First, IMTCVA is the ONLY “CERTIFIED” Internet marketing training center in the entire United States, recognized by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Second, the schools program was founded and created by Tom Antion, one of the most respected, top public speakers and Internet marketers in the world. Tom has dedicated his life to Internet marketing and training since the birth of the Internet back in the 90′s.

Third, the staff at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is obsessed with staying abreast of all the latest Internet marketing techniques and resources of information in this constantly evolving business. You can be sure you’ll learn the best “old school” techniques that still work, as well as the latest techniques that have proven results.

Lastly, each student can work at his or her own pace. Whether they’re an online or campus student, the course can be completed in as little as 6 months, with an Internet marketing certificate upon completion. All students have the ability to interact with trainers and other students by phone, face to face, email, blog, wikis, discussion forums, text messaging, teleclasses and more, giving all students the best training experience around.

To learn more about this unique opportunity and how to enroll, please visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia – , and remember to download your FREE career brochure!

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Are you a boomer looking for ways to supplement your retirement income? Or, maybe you are finally ready to follow your hearts passion. You should consider Internet Marketing as a second career. Baby boomers are blazing a trail in the business world, and there are many opportunities out there.
To get started, I recommend taking a topic, niche, or industry your are familiar with.

What industry did you retire from? Do you think there are areas for you to help other people in that niche grow? It is all about sharing your knowledge to help other people.
The key to starting a second career online is finding a niche that you are an expert in. You want to make this journey fun.

What topics does your heart gravitate toward or have a passion for?  What are your hobbies?

Here at The Internet Marketing School of Virginia, we want to help baby boomers like yourself reinvent their career options. There is a lot to learn but, it is not impossible. The Internet is connecting people; it is a whole new world that we want you to experience.
To get your second career started correctly it is very important for you to feel comfortable using the Internet.

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia offers the training that will help you along the way. We give you a structured, but flexible program that will allow you to learn at your own pace. You will also have access to the school directors to answer your questions and help guide you through the courses.

Starting a successful second career does not have to be a mystery. Once you develop the basics you will have the insight to know what direction to follow for success.

To learn more about The Internet Marketing School visit us by clicking here!


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Write to Inspire

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Write to Inspire

Good web copy should persuade an individual to take action or make decisions. If you have a slick way with words and a creative flair, a future in writing web copy may be a realistic goal.

If you are looking for ways to make a career out of writing consider using your words to help small businesses reach their target audience. People buy from brands they they know like and trust. The truth is, many business owners are hesitant when writing for their business.

They don’t know what to say, how to say it and they become uncomfortable with the whole process.

Imagine helping a struggling business owner re-write their web copy so that they feel confident in their website or sales letter. You can make a lucrative income by applying the art of copywriting to help a brand resonate with their target audience.

Good web copy is very important in online business. Marketers have a small window and a limited time frame to grab the consumers attention. In face to face interaction movement, voice inflection and facial expressions all work together to keep listening ears attentive. But online all you can rely on is your words and if they are boring and uninspiring the visitor will leave the site.

Writing web copy does not require perfect grammar skills. Copy is all about getting into the minds of the consumer so they will click, buy, share and love whatever product or service your are offering.

Humans react to stories because they make us feel an emotion. Stories give brands life and good web copy involves crafting a story around your brand and goals.

With some practice and research you can learn how to write from the heart of the target audience. Copywriting is considered an art because once you get the basic techniques down you will start to see your words pull emotional strings.

To discover how to reach your full writing potential check out IMTCVA. orgOur distance learning program provides students with easy to understand lessons that will help perfect your copywriting skills. A great copywriter must research the market and the target audience so you can place yourself in the consumers shoes and write the words that will encourage action. Jump start your Internet Marketing career today, visit us at

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Content marketing is the theme for 2013. There has been a shift in the way consumers purchase products and interact with brands or businesses. The popularity of social networking took the marketing world by storm. Social networking is the reason why the marketing industry has changed.

If you are pursing a career in Internet marketing, content marketing is a great focus. If you like to research you can help small business owners fill up their editorial calendar.

Content marketing has become a popular marketing technique because there is a lot of competition online and the consumer has the ability to easily access data that can quickly influence their buying decision. Business owners have to find ways to stand out in the crowd. Content marketing shows the consumer that a business is there to help them by releasing material that they need or content they can relate too.

If you want to be a content marketing specialist you have to understand the target market your trying to sell to. For example imagine one of your clients is a local flower company. As a content marketing specialist you can come up with a content marketing strategy. You have to research what their ideal customers enjoy so that you can form a connection and gain trust. Some content ideas would be, a blog post about different flowers and what makes them special or popular, ideas on incorporating the content into upcoming holidays, or video on how to prepare the flowers once the customer brings them home. The list goes on but that is the type of information you can offer your clients.

The popular forms of content are:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Articles

It seems like every Internet marketer is rushing to take advantage of Content Marketing but don’t get discouraged. You can become an expert at advising small businesses on what topics their target audience is interested in, with the training at IMTCVA you will learn keywords and how to find target markets.





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Are you considering a career in Internet Marketing? I am so happy that you have decided to dedicate the time and self discipline needed to be successful in this business. I can’t and won’t sugarcoat it, it won’t be easy, but like anything that requires full commitment, it will be worth it.

Many of your friends and families may question your lifestyle choice.
“Why don’t you get a regular job?”
“Why would you want to sit on the computer all day?”
“Is that a scam?”

The list goes on and on, they don’t understand and that is Ok. Some people are perfectly happy in their comfort zone and have different goals for life. On the other hand you are a Dream Chaser, you feel driven to reach your fullest potential and want more than the typical 9 to 5. Dream Chasers live for the challenge of wanting more out of life.

Aside from the outsiders questioning you, you may be doubting yourself internally and have feelings of being scared, uncomfortable or just unsure about your decision to be a Dream Chaser. Stay positive and keep pushing past the negative thoughts because deep down you know you will never truly be happy pursuing the 9 to 5 or letting life pass you by.

Achieving anything worth bragging about requires long and short term goal setting. This is where your personal definition of success will play a major role in reaching your goal. It will define what or who you are striving to be and why. Make sure your reasons are true to your heart and passions because when times get tough those goals need to stay as the main focus and that will keep you going toward your long term goal. Motivation is the key so make sure you set short term goals also so you can recognize your progress along the way. Many successful people agree dream chasing is much more than reaching the end result and along the way you will grow, learn, and be a better you because you chased your dreams.

So go out there and get started, be a Dream Chaser and follow your heart! Visit to get started in Internet Marketing today.

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Establishing an online presence is very important when you are working toward having a successful online business. An effective website can help your business attract the right consumer and convert them from a casual browser to a buying customer.

Websites are supposed to be easy to naviagte and understand. In this fast paced world you have a very small window of oppurtunity to keep the consumer interested in your products or services. If your website is not user friendly the consumer will not hesitate to move on to your competitors website. As a business owner your focus should be centered around building an online community of “fans,” these are the customers that trust you, like you, and are loyal to your products or services. These customers are your number one source for word of mouth advertising. You start building these important consumer relationships by having a website that showcases your products or services professionally and accurately.

To be successful your website must implement the following 5 steps:

1. Be well designed

2. Use keywords and speak in the language of your target audience

3. Establish you as an expert and build creditbility in your chosen field

4. Collecting an email list of consumers interested in your products or services

5. Have a way to generate revenue

The instructors at IMTC teach the most current strategies to get your buiness website up and running. Your consumer does not want to think, so don’t force them to by using tricky navigation, poor design, or difficult to understand copy. Make visiting your website an exciting experience and not a confusing journey. As a business owner, if you make a concious effort to always keep the consumer in mind and think how your target market thinks you will cover each of the 5 steps easily and your online business will be on the way to success.

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A Social Media Consultant is a great option for a career online. Social Media may come easy you but it remains a mystery to many business owners. The education that we offer at the Internet Marketing Training Center will prepare you to assist business owners with their Social Media marketing. With so many popular social networking platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn businesses in any industry can capitalize on social networking. Business owners are looking for  an unique way to connect with their audience via social media. A social media consultants’ role is to understand the true value of social media and develop a marketing strategy for their client.

Social Media Set up
This is usually a combination of services that will get the client started on a social media platform. Includes setting up a social media strategy, profiles, and researching what platforms will have the best impact.

Social Media Content Creator
You will create original content for you client to post to their social media site. You can set it up as a one time package or an on-going service.

When you understand and successfully implement the strategies you learn at IMTC, there are many other business owners who want to know how you did it, and they will pay you to help them. Marketing online is completely different when compared to traditional retail marketing. Once you develop an understanding for social media and how to use it to grow a business, your expertise can help a struggling business become successful online.

There’s no shortage of businesses that need consultations for their online marketing. Just about every business, local or national, is looking to get more traffic to their website and more sales from the visitors that make it there. Having your own social media consulting business could be the most profitable career you’ve ever dreamed of. Start to imagine the future you want for yourself and check out the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia today, we would love to help you reach your career goals.

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Road to Financial Freedom

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The job market is changing and the Internet is creating great opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. With the government shutdown affecting so many people do you think supplementing your income would be a wise move? Think about all the freedom you could have if you established and maintained an online business. Check out this infographic I found on

The Road to Financial Independence

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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Social media has changed the way businesses handle their marketing and sales. If a business wants to increase their brand awareness, spy on their competition, or interact with consumers interested in their business; social media is the place to be. Here at The Internet Marketing Training Center of Va we give our students knowledge that will prepare them for the future.

If you develop a deep interest in social media there are a few different career paths you can pursue. A career in social media will give you flexibility in a field that is consistently growing.

3 Social Media Career Options


Writing quick and to the point content for different social platforms updates, blogs, or a marketing campaign is a skill that business owners will always need. If you have a way with words and want to start a career in social media we can help at IMTCVA. You can make a lucrative income by applying the art of copywriting to either your own business or for someone else’s.
A great copywriter will inspire consumers to take action with their words and there is a high demand for talented online writers. Good web copy is very important when you are growing a business online. You have a very limited and small time frame to grab the consumers’ attention and persuade them to take action online.

Social Media Strategist

Having a natural interest in people, their habits, and the things that motivate them to move can help you secure a successful career as a social media strategist. A good social media strategist will help business owners set up and run marketing campaigns. If you are a people person that likes connecting with people and understand the ins and outs of social media you can establish yourself as an expert.

Product Creation Manager

Most of the income generated from the Internet revolves around the sale of products: ebooks, Kindle books, MP3 recordings, podcasting subscriptions, and software downloads.While businesses are very busy looking for new customers and plans of action, someone needs to be responsible for developing new physical and digital products to sell. The person that comes up with new ideas, tests out the new ideas and creates the products in many different formats is called a product creation manager.
Many products are created for giveaways to attract and collect more sales leads. Whatever the reason, the way a business promotes and sells its products online takes a dedicated knowledge of publishing tools and ecommerce solutions. Not only does someone have to be able to create products in many formats, but also needs the skills to deliver the product via email, downloads and shopping carts.
This area of expertise is growing daily as new ways to deliver the product experience online grows. Far too many businesses still have a traditional marketing mindset that keeps them from growing like they should. The product creation manager is needed to keep up critical research in ecommerce and digital product delivery systems.
If you are the type of person looking for a career in a fast-paced and quickly growing field that never gets boring, creating products for online purchases could be for you. The Internet Marketing Training Center of Va has all of the tools and courses to become a high-paid product creation manager.

Are you thinking about a career in social media? Be sure to check out The Internet Marketing Training Center of Va so you can start establishing yourself as an expert.

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Picking a career in Internet Marketing does not have to be hard or complicated. There are a lot of services that you can choose from to offer potential clients. If you have been following Internet trends you should know that content marketing is the best way to establish relationships with consumers online. Business owners should give away current and compelling content that the consumer would pay for, for free.
Once you start taking advantage of the resources at you will be on the path to providing your services to business owners. Many business owners are intimidated by content and don’t have a strategy. You can save the day by offering detailed marketing strategies for businesses that are looking to establish a loyal fan base online.

It is a continuous challenge to compete and stand out in a market where there are so many large and established companies online. Developing a content marketing strategy for a business will help build their fan base and the owner will look to you for your expertise.
Online business owners are searching for ways to effectively market their business without breaking the bank. Once you help define their target market you can develop a marketing strategy that will generate the largest return. Here are a few services that you will learn about that you can offer to business owners. Giving a business owner a step by step plan will help them stay focused on their marketing goals.

Offer to find Power Players in the business owners industry:The power players in a niche includes companies or brands that target the same audience as you and they have established some type of success online through their website, blogging, or social media.

Offer power player something for free: Suggest that you would love if they gave it away as a gift to their readers. Since you share the same target audience, make sure it is a compelling and enticing freebie so you can create a buzz for your business.

Ask a power player for an interview: You can post interviews to a business’ website or blog. People love talking about themselves so the power player will usually promote the interview to his audience which will bring traffic to your website.

Offer to write a guest blog post: Write on a topic that you know the readers can benefit from. You want your focus to be centered on providing value and current content to the readers.

Create a Group on a Social Network:A group is free to make and it is an excellent way for a business to establish their selves as an expert in their industry. You can also use the social platform to drive traffic to your clients website or blog. Any social networking platform you choose to utilize for your clients business should be used to connect with like minded people. Make the main focus of your clients business the consumer. When a business does everything in their power to help the consumer it becomes obvious that they are in business for the consumer.

Create an E-Book: You can upload an e-Book on Amazon for free, you do not have to worry about using an expensive publishing company or those costly distribution fees associated with selling a physical book.

The Internet is about forming a connection with consumers so they can grow to trust the business.
The goal is to communicate and engage with your clients target market so when it is time to purchase they know who to turn to.

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