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What’s Google+ Social Networking

Google+ Social Network

Google+ Social Network

As of June 2011, Google introduced its new social network known as “Google+”. Since its launch Google+ has produced record numbers by attracting over 25 million users the first month of inception. Statistically Google+ is the fastest growing social network, reported around 20 times faster in comparison to all other social networks.

A Few Google+ Features

Although Google+ has some similarities to Facebook, it’s packed with many unique features giving it an advantage over it’s social network competition.

One of it’s features is called Google Circles, which is quite similar to Facebooks friends network, but adds more flexibility with its privacy settings giving users more control of who they share news feeds and updates with. This feature has the ability to filter updates from specific friends by streams, eliminating having to comb through hundreds of updates.

Another cool feature is Google Sparks which allows users to find online content and articles of multiple topics using Google+, thus sharing it with friends in their circle.

You also have another unique feature that works with Google+ which is called Google Hangouts. This is basically a video feature that enables friends to talk face-to-face via video conference, which requires users to have webcams.

Google Huddle is also a new feature for iPhone and Android device users to send real-time group instant chat messages.

There are more features such as Instant Upload as well as games, that are also a part of Google’s new social network. The games features are separated from the main social area, to keeps things uncluttered unlike Facebook.

Google+ is Great For SEO!

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, one powerful thing Google+ has over the rest is, they allow links to “do follow” and pass page rank. I will point out two areas for link placement that will help with SEO and benefit the page it’s linking to:

  • “About Me” section – This section is part of your profile page, which is beneficial if you have blogs or websites, enabling you to point back links to them. This is probably to most favorable area for link placement and may have more value here that any other area within Google’s social network.
  • Google+ posting – This area is probably used more often by users and also has value for SEO. But with that said, this area may have a short term affect for such links due to the fact many links are found here, and may lose weight over time.

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