Hi Tom,
I am very proud and happy to write about Izzy! You have often recommended to all of us “technically challenged” mentees to hire a GEEK to help us navigate the world of cyberspace. I've always been a very happy mentee because your training is AWESOME, but after I found Izzy…I was ecstatic! I could finally sleep at night. I remember one day when I was painfully trying to learn some codes, links, gobblygook and what not, when I burst into tears and sobbed! Tom called me and assured me that I was not a damaged person, only a person who might need some help in the technical aspects of the training. I was then free to put my time to my creative work instead of staring at my computer with fear and dread! What a relief!

Izzy is brilliant and beautiful! I always giggle when I tease her about being my ‘geek.' But then who made the rule that brilliantly talented technical young people should be “geekish.” She's studying to be an engineer at a local college and I was so happy to find her through one of my best friends. Izzy is her daughter!.

Izzy now talks to the technical staff at Tom's offices. I sit and listen on the speaker and smile. Izzy takes care of everything. She has set up my pages, my shopping cart, my social networking pages, my photos, videos, etc etc.

I asked her Mom if I could adopt her! Her family kinda thinks pretty highly of her, so I guess adoption is out of the question. I will just have to be satisfied with all of her exquisite assistance between her classes!

Thanks so much Tom, for all of your help, expertise and availability in answering all of our questions. And thanks so much for getting me to Izzy!!

Elaine Giftos Wright
Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Hello Tom,  You've often said that we should hire a “computer geek” to help us out and that a highschool computer club is a good place to look for one. It just so happens that the high school near my home does not have a computer club, so I placed an ad on craigslist. This is what the ad read:

COMPUTER WORK: If you enjoy working at the computer, this part-time job entails helping author improve website, gain higher google rankings, implement software and other tools to help improve book sales to include implementing social media sites. Please send an e-mail with your computer knowledge and experience, and something about yourself to include a phone number. If you're still in High School, that's okay – we can schedule work on the weekends – parent approval required. Will hire the disabled. Compensation: $10/hour

To my delight, within a few hours I had tons of responses, but one of the first ones came from Carrie. She's attends the university, and she has Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday open to work. Carrie is perfect for my needs, she even wrote a booklet on Search Engine Optimization and another on Copy Writing during her last employment. We had our first session, and we put together a plan of all the things “we” will implement from your training. I can't tell you how relieved I feel – like a huge weight is lifted. As you know, I've been working at this at a snails pace with even actual tears, and some blood dripping from my finger-tips (just a feeling on the blood), but no more. Carrie is going to be great! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have found her so quickly. I wish I had posted this ad to craigs list months ago. I'll keep you posted on our progress. Oh, get this, Carrie's husband fixes computers, debugs and all that good stuff, so the first thing Carrie did was show me how to defrag my computer.

One problem, I can't call her my computer geek, she is such a pretty young lady–she's my assistant.

Thanks so much Tom for suggesting that mentees find computer help from the youngsters out there.

Take care,
Diane Giraudo McDermott

P.S. I set up a simple Independent Contractor Agreement with Carrie (that I downloaded for free off the internet).

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