Using Contests To Dominate Online Content Marketing


If you can’t seem to write enough blog posts, Tweets, Facebook updates, email blasts, Youtube comments and even produce online videos to promote your business, get other people to do it for you. By running a contest, you could have thousands of folks all over the web spreading the word of your products and services. This is a form of content marketing, and using the power of social networking, has never been easier.

Check out a contest that is running right now at Celebrity Creators (Current as of 2/6/12). When you sign up to enter the contest, they have the app Contest Burner offer up points for different conversions automatically. If you “LIKE” the Facebook page, you get a certain number of points. If you Tweet, that’s worth a set number of points. Leaving Youtube comments, making your own Youtube videos, signing up other with an affiliate-type link: all worth points. Who ever gets the most points wins a number of valuable prizes. It’s interaction, social-proof, content distribution, traffic generation and backlinking all rolled up in one concept.

This can be a powerful way to advertise a new product launch or to just get more people to your website. It creates a ton of links that can drive traffic to your site from all of the most popular places on the web. It can generate a ton of Google searches for your name or the name of your product. It’s more content than you could ever post yourself, coming from hundreds of different accounts. Some links, like ones from blogs or Youtube videos, could work for you for years, as they stay archived in search results. Some links, from Facebook or Twitter, although short lived, could generate a lot of buzz and excitement in the short-term.

In today’s world of interactive marketing and strong networking ties, it’s time to use that strength to spread your advertising bucks across the web. If you want to know more, or start a new career as one who conducts and manages these contests for someone sales, IMTC is the place to get started.

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