Writing Business Sales Letters: Are You Focusing on Your Company Instead of Your Prospects?


Most business sales letters, promo pages and lead generation pages love to focus on one main item: themselves. It stands to reason that a website promoting a business should talk about themselves as often as possible: how great they are, how easy their products are to use, how often they ‘beat’ the competition and other self-aggrandizing features. However, it is becoming clearer to online advertisers and copywriters that concentrating on the visitors themselves has a wider range of interest. Anything that sounds too ‘pitchy’ can easily raise walls of objection in the visitor, even if it is crafted to sound like useful features. Remember, it’s all about them.

What resonates with most readers is what can benefit them right now. On the Internet, most people are searching for information as opposed to radio and television, where commercials are a break in entertainment. The Internet above most other media, is a vehicle for making decisions: where to find the best deals, how to locate the nearest dentist, how to save money on their taxes and other information. This ultimately means that the end result needs to look more like ‘immediately usable benefits and answers’ rather than sales pitches. Good website¬†copywriting can include both the elements of benefits and subtle pitch.

One thing that stands out to visitors subconsciously is the overuse of the words “We” and “Our” in the copy. While it is a very small error by most copywriters, it has a negative effect on the reader. It has a sense of ‘inward’ marketing, trying to draw the reader into the copy, rather than an ‘outward’ or inclusive feel to the reader. Reaching out to your prospect and touching the points of why they ended up on your website in the first place (concerns, understanding, problem solving, empathy) can make them drop their defenses and open up to receive a subtle pitch.

Good copy has a 2 to 1 ratio of customer focus to company focused jargon. At IMTC, we teach you how to write better copy. This can make you very valuable to big business because you will understand what elements drive online sales more effectively than their in-house marketing people (who love to focus on company ‘benefits’), or any outsourced people could ever dream of being. And you can probably work from home as well. Check us out…¬†


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  1. Shannon says:

    Excellent post Colin, I’m sure many folks aren’t even aware of such a tool. This will be useful to many.