Web Design Trends


Taking a Look at Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends

One way to keep up with Web Design trends is to peek in and analyze what the larger companies are doing. By doing so you can learn what’s the latest styles, and elements that are being implemented within new websites. Below we will discuss a few things I’ve noticed about the latest trends many are applying to their web design.

Color Uniqueness

One of the biggest things I’ve notice as far as appearance is the color scheme of newer websites. Many are taking more risk from the normal, black, blue, white, and are incorporating more vibrant colors such as red, yellow and green. By doing so gives the website an attractive, eye catching, and more unique look which helps the site stand out. I’ve also notice that many are using on average three color tones throughout the site.

More CSS and Less Flash

At once time many web designers were using lots of flash to enhance a websites appearance. But these days you see less flash and more “web friendly” designs applying CSS3 and HTML5. Flash would indeed give a website a dynamic look, but at the same time it comes with it’s baggage. You may experience a number of problems with flash, but one major issue when dealing with flash is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So if your looking to boost your websites search engine positioning, it’s wise to avoid flash for this primary reason.

Creating More Dimension

While creating a website with dimension and adding a cool experience for your visitors, it’s not always a good choice for some websites. If your an Internet Marketer this may be a bit of “overkill” in your case. However, creating 3D effects and dimension for your website can be lots of fun, plus attract visitors like fly’s on fly paper. The particular technique I’m talking about is called Parallax Scrolling.

The effects can actually stimulate ones visuals sense, enticing them to explorer your website even deeper due the patterns and movements of how everything flows throughout the website. Here are two examples of Parallax Scrolling websites. Head2Heart.us and Nikebetterworld.com

High Resolution Photographs

Another method dominating the scene that many designers are implementing are high resolution photographs to give websites a unique and expressive look. By doing this, websites can grab visitors attention instantly. But, you must be careful not to overpower the actual textual content.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Due to the fact that more individuals own smart phones nowadays than an actual computer, it’s important to have mobile friendly websites. Mobile Internet surfing is at an all time high and growing, so it’s wise for any website owner to compliment this mobile trend by making mobile friendly web designs.

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