Benefits of a Distance Learning School


There are many benefits to studying online.

1.  You are in your comfort zone.  At home, at your favorite coffee shop, at the library.  You can learn online pretty much anywhere the Internet is available.

2.  You can study in your pajamas!

3.  You can study when you have the time.  If the only time you have for studying is at 3am, that is ok.  This type of learning will fit into your schedule.

4.  It is “green”.  You do not need to rush around to fight traffic to arrive to class on time.  You can save time and money wasted sitting in traffic.

5.  You have access to chat groups, blogs and many other resources from your instructors, students currently in the program and alumni.

6.  You are able to study while working, taking care of your kids or tending to a sick family member.

The possibilities are endless.  Look into it and look into IMTC.  Call 757-431-1366 with your questions.

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