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One thing small businesses often overlook is branding.  It’s important that people be able to recognize your products of services.  That way your work can advertise for you.

Since many people are using blogs as a fast and cheap way to set up a website, it may become clear that if there is no distinct brand, there is no real business behind this person.  The graphics are weak and there is no coherent theme throughout the site.  Even if they have a header that’s been done for them, there is still nothing to unify their website to any of their products. It could be a quick-scam business, especially if the website is weak or still in development.

Branding Your Business

There is a reason the Nike swoosh is on all of their shoes and their apparel lines. The reason is brand recognition.  That means people can identify that shoe or that shirt with just a quick glance and understand what the company stands for. Nike has come to mean quality. Nike has come to mean status.  This was important when Nike was JUST a shoe and then expanded into their workout gear, t-shirts, hats, etc.  The brand recognition meant that the shirts were expected to be the same quality as the shoes. It would follow that if Nike makes great athletic shoes, they are BOUND to make great athletic performance-wear.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to brand yourself, your products or your services.  Get a professional logo done (I’m going to go out on a limb and say avoid cheap, by cheap I mean avoid going to fiverr.com.  There is a reason it’s cheap. Do your homework, find out what other work this person or business has done.  Only when you are sure they can do quality work that isn’t going to cost you your first-born child, THEN you can hire them.)

Ask for the originals as well as formats you already know how to use.  Slap the logo on all your products and on your site!  (Well, don’t “slap” it all over, but definitely make sure it’s visible and easily identified to you.)

Having Your Brand Designed

What do you want your brand to “inspire”?  What sort of feeling do you want someone to get from your brand/logo?  Do you want to be seen as professional (clean, simple), fun (energetic, less measured), technical (very clean, very measured and possible complex)?

Do you have colors you are partial too? Colors that inspire a certain feeling?  You will want o try to carry these over into as much as you can. “Men In Black” ?  Figure there will probably be a strong presence of black and something that ties well with it.  Like a silver or gray tone.  Something that lets the black speak volumes.

Learn your colors and utilize them in the website.  Hopefully, you are using a theme that allows you easily manipulate a lot of the elements of the theme yourself.  Try to stick to a smaller number of colors. Research brands that you like.  How many colors do they use?  How do the logos and colors speak to you?  Have you decided what you want YOUR brand to say to people?

The point is, that there is a reason businesses use a brand.  It establishes a presence, it identifies the product or service.  You want to have a brand for those very same reasons.  You want to look just as professional as any long standing company. It might be the difference between someone feeling comfortable enough to try to do business with you.

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