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Thanksgiving for Digital Marketers

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15 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Be Giving Thanks

They are Not affected by workplace mandates
There is no risk in losing your job or being forced to quit when you have your own online business.

They are immune from supply chain issues
Digital marketers sell electrons which don't have to sit on a ship or be delivered by truck to you or your customers.

They don't have to wear a mask all day.
Unless you choose to work from a coffee shop, you don't have to maskup while working.

Their income is not dependent on any local or national economy.
Digital products are sold and delivered instantly around the world.

They have a much smaller exposure to other sick people.
You are around far fewer people which limits the bad air molecules you are forced to breathe.

Their kids can be home-schooled without the need for one parent to quit a job.
With all the craziness going on in schools nowadays, working from home makes homeschooling a much less family devastating choice.

No packing, shipping, and dependence on independent shipping services and/or the post office.
It's a MASSIVE hassle to handle physical products.

They save a fortune on gas and insurance.
You can get breaks on your insurance for low mileage driven and putting $50-$100 bucks in your gas tank a couple times a week.

They don't have to put up with idiot, incompetent bosses.
So many people rise to their highest level of incompetence and get off on telling you what to do.

They can make their hobbies legitimately tax-deductible and they have time to enjoy them.
You can make products, or sell affiliate products based around your hobby and turn it into part of your business.

They can spend way more time with their family.
One of the biggest complaints of worker bees is that they never get to see their families.

They can be surrounded with their pets.
Not many places let you take your pets with you to work. Plus, it's a shame to leave a loving pet alone all day while you slave away from an unappreciative company.

They save a fortune on fancy work clothes and cleaning bills.
You might like clothes, but who wants to get blood on them when co-workers stab you in the back? LOL

They can work remotely while on a trip or vacation.
There are many people making great money online that don't even have a home or apartment. Get a wifi signal and you can take care of business.

And best of all . . .

They don't waste half their life sitting in traffic making someone else rich.

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