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Social Media Platforms: Which Ones Should I Be Using?

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Choose the BEST platform to increase your brand.

Where is your target audience?

Social media Best platforms“22% of Americans use social networking sites several times per day.”*123% of Facebook’s users check their account five or more times EVERY DAY!”*2 The statistics are mind-blowing, but whether we like it or not, social media has become a way of life! For the smart business owners, the same is true.

Many business owners use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to fuel their vehicle towards financial success. It's exciting to see them engaging, but the question remains, are they fueling their cars (businesses) with the proper fuel (social media platform) to get to where they need to go (generating sales)? The information below will give you insight, statistics and demographics to each social media platform. Use this information to help determine if you are efficiently answering the question, am I using the best platform to capture my audience? Even more, you should be asking why am I using these platforms? It's a question that only you can answer. Remember, at the end of the reporting period, it's not about “vanity metrics,” but the real money that's being generated. Your goal is to engage with your followers, build trust, get them over to your website where you can collect their emails. Choose wisely and carefully (especially if you do not have assistance with these platforms) on which will be best for you.

Quick Tips:

  • Vanity metrics—can be easily manipulated and often do not correlate to numbers that really matter: active users, engagement and revenues and profits!

  • Never put all of your energy into just one platform. You want to test at least two different ones to see which performs best and then focus on that one.

  • If you're the only person responsible for your social sites, make sure you secure your brand name across all platforms. Reserve them until the time is right and you have more people to assist in executing a solid tactical plan.


  • 1.01 billion users (as of March 2014)
  • 75% of engagement on a post happens within the first 5 hours


  • 1 billion + users
  • Reaches more adults aged 18-34 than any single cable network.
  • Rated by millennials as the top place to watch content, ahead of digital and TV properties like Facebook and ESPN.

  • Used to generate traffic.


  • Described as “most important among US teens.”
  • 83% of U.S. teens in wealthy households.


  • Leaning more towards male users.
  • 22% of men use.
  • 15% women.


  • 40 million active users.

  • 80% are women users.

  • 23% use at least once per day.


  • Ranked more popular than Twitter among adults.
  • Core demographic is aged 30 – 49 (they are in the prime of their career-rising years).
  • Skewed towards well-educated users.


  • 30 million users.

  • 70% are females.

  • More than six out of 10 Snapchat users are in the 18-to-24 age group, compared to 28% of Instagram users.


  • 6.7 + million people blog via blogging sites

  • Companies with a blog have 97% more inbound links than others

  • B2B marketers use to generate more leads

*1&2 Baer, Jay. (2014) 11 Shocking New Social Media Statistics in America. Retrieved from

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