Cool Error Page Selling Technique


Error Page Customization: Presumably if someone gets a 404 Page Not Found error on your site they will leave. This makes error page customization technically an “exit strategy”. And if you have an active website there will be times when pages disappear or people type in the wrong thing so this technique is a handy way to save them.

Here are some of the things you could put on a custom “Page Not Found” page:

• Search function for your site so people can find exactly what they want.

• Links to commonly misspelled pages on your site. Note: Make the links “absolute links” which means you include the entire http :// www …

• A link to your home page.

• A link to your site map

Note from the Geeks: Keep the page larger than 512 bytes or Internet Explorer takes over and displays its own page. You can get creative with these pages.

What would you be worth in the workplace with this kind of knowledge?

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