Crowdfunding and Tuitions


Here’s a great idea that could give you the education for a great career and possibly help pay your entire tution back.

Crowdfunding. Check out sites like http://www.kickstarter.com and http://www.indiegogo.com  and look at all of the great products, retail operations, books/music/film, high tech gadget ideas and general business start-ups that people are successfully funding with donations that they do not have to pay back. From simple authors who are seeking publishing funds of $1200 to software application ideas $5000 to bookstores $20,000, there is an opportunity to create a ‘campaign’ and ask for funding from friends, family, followers and total strangers on the web.

If you have an idea for a product that you’ve always wanted to make, but couldn’t get the money for, crowdfunding is the way to go. The funds you raise could help offset tuition payments to a school like this as well. There are elements of crowdfunding that either make it successful or not, that have everything to do with Internet marketing. Since crowdfunding takes place on the web, you have to understand how it operates: writing creative content, making an online video, driving people to the campaign with email and social networking – all of the things that we teach at IMTC.

If you take our courses you’ll have immediately usable skills to help create a successful campaign for yourself to create that dream start-up business or even something as simple as designing a new game. But Internet marketing skills play a huge part in the success of a crowdfunding project. Think of this: after you master these skills, not only can you fund your own dreams, but help others do the same who have no idea how to do it. You could make your tuition to IMTC back five fold being a ‘crowdfunding’ consultant. And that’s even before landing a great job as an Internet Marketer or starting a more advanced home business for yourself.

Where else could you take what you learn online and start making money right away? Check out crowdfunding and then check out IMTC! 

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