Essential Blogging Basics


When your blog is brand new, it may seem as if no one is reading it. Keep on posting and keep on asking readers questions. You have to go out on the edge and stir things up a bit sometimes, but do it authentically. Also, you must educate your readers and tell them how to comment. Many people are new to blogging. Tell them to click on the comment link and share their opinions. The more you persist with this, the more likely you will get people to comment and participate in the conversation. Commenting also helps your findability on search engines. When readers comment, that adds new content to the page on which your blog post is created. New content alerts the search engines to index your blog on a regular basis.

Most blogging software can be set up to notify you when someone has posted a comment. Be sure to respond by sending them a personal email thanking them. You can also respond to them in the blog comment section, just make sure they are notified that you have done so. Your list of recent posts and recent comments should reflect an active blog with information that’s relevant to your targeted group of readers. If it doesn’t, take it up a notch by writing more frequently, focusing on your blog’s purpose, and directly encouraging readers to leave comments.

Link to useful websites, products and services

Linking is the currency of the Web. Besides being common courtesy to link to your sources of information, you can also link to your own posts, websites, and your products and services. Weave them into your posts so they contribute to the context of your writing, however; too much blatant marketing of your own products and services doesn’t make for good reading, and can turn readers off. Think of a blog posting as a conversation at a cocktail party: you wouldn’t monopolize the conversation just talking about yourself and expect people will stand around for a long time listening. Every time you post, review your article for names, books, and places.

All of these can be linked to a site on the Web. Even ideas and concepts can be linked to a page in Wikipedia. Failing to link to outside sources is bad etiquette in the Blogosphere. And, don’t forget to add links to your products and services in the sidebar of your blog. Make sure people know how they can get more information about you and what you offer.

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