Free Content Helps Eliminate “List Exhaustion”


Do you ever get so many sales pitches from one or two companies in your email inbox that you can’t stand to open them anymore?  Maybe that last “open” you did was to un-subscribe? That happens a lot lately with the email strategies businesses are trying to use. They have a hard time knowing exactly what the best kind of reaching out they should be doing. Most people who use their database list for email marketing fall into one of two categories:  those who send out too many emails (list exhaustion), and those who are scared to send out enough (neglected list). The way to get around this hump is free content.

For those marketers who send out too much email, it’s important to find the rhythm of your list. How often do they really want to hear from you? You can go as far as to poll them to make sure you’re not killing them with mail. A heavy amount of unsubscribes could also be an indicator. With free content however, a solid core of readers will love to hear from you if you are offering real solutions to real problems. Content builds trust and rapport, and will keep your brand at the ‘top of their mind.’ The best email is one that has value. It’s your job to figure out what is most valuable to your readers and how often they want to receive it. With those two problems solved, you’re well on your way to successful email marketing campaigns.

For those marketers who don’t send out enough email, free content can help you feel at ease. If you’re nervous about ‘offending’ or burning out your list, solving their issues with your message can build you into a solid, trustworthy brand. Everyone loves free stuff – they will open the email as long as it has value. Again, finding the right rhythm regarding how often to send email out is the key to a happy list.

Now about pitching. Obviously, after a number of emails have been opened that offer ideal and free solutions, your list will be receptive to offers of helping them further with their problems. Most free content can be disguised as ‘eye openers’ or offering real solutions to problems that the readers didn’t even know they had. Let your list figure out what’s important to them, and they be receptive to products, training or advice to help fix it. A pitchy call-to-action is not necessary. A link to an important resource (your product) is all that’s needed. Trust your prospects that they’ll do the right thing, and more often or not, they will.

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