Great Copy For The Web: Sub-Headlines


As a person scans down a webpage, he/she quickly scans the subheadings along the way. If the subheadings aren't quickly understandable and enticing, then it is doubtful that the person will decide to go back and read the entire page.

Subheadings can be interspersed throughout the copy to help keep the reader going down the page. There is usually a subheading just beneath the main headline to help add a bit more information to or to re-inforce the main point of the headline. They have a larger font than the rest of the main text, but not as large as the main headline. The font color should be different than the rest of the text above and below it, red or blue works well. A subheading should provide highlights of each section of the sales copy.

Keep your subheadings as short as possible, but still pack a psychological punch. They should be strong enough to almost stand on their own, and compel a scanner to stop and start reading the copy.

A great place to get the subheadings. . . . use all the headlines that didn’t make it as the main headline as subheadings.

Some examples of subheadings:

* How Much Would You Pay For Powerful Training Like This?

* The Times Have Changed and Now It's True!

* Take a Good Look and See Fees That Would Be a Good Month's Salary For Most People!

* Who Would Benefit From This System?

* This System Is a Professional Speaker's Treasurehouse!

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