How Often Should You Blog?


Blogging is currently a very hot trend.  It cannot be ignored if you are doing any sort of marketing on the Internet. Well written blog posts create valuable content that show your expertise. An active blog shows that you are current in your industry. Daily posting proves that your site is important to the search engines and the public.

Blog Fresh Content

The biggest reason blogging is hot right now is that it ranks very well with search engines. But let's not ignore the truth that blogging is just a great way to get information out and connect with people. The Internet has put a severe hurting on printed materials and one of the reasons is because that something is published on the Internet instantly.  With RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter sharing, hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of people could actually be aware of your content in a matter of moments.  It becomes obvious that it is important to have well written articles at this point, since the information is available so quickly and by so many people.

Blog Tightly Focused Content

While it's possible that a huge number of people will have immediate access to your content—and some will delayed access as people check-in to their Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts—not all these people will be eager to read your content. Especially if it doesn't catch them right away.  You want to make sure that when people come looking for your material later, it is tightly focused and available to be found through search engines.  The tighter the focus of the article, the more likely it will be to score well.  Stick to a few terms that are important and complimentary to your topic at hand, especially when optimizing for search engines.

Interaction With Readers / Customers

Remember the reason you are writing is for your audience.  You are giving them information, even if that information is only for their entertainment purposes—let's call that gossip or daydreaming. Daily blogging will help build up that rapport with your readers, even if they never reach out to communicate directly with you, they are still accessing your content. Give them something of value—in the form of information or their guilty pleasures, there are certainly A LOT of sites out there doing that on a daily basis—and they will be more inclined to come back, read through your content, and SHARE your content with their friends.  Make them laugh and you have them right where you want them.

Blog to Keep Them Coming Back for More

Remember, you have to entice your readers with fresh content, that is tightly focused and appeals to your target audience.  When these conditions are met, your site will spread through social sharing and find value in search engines that will allow the content to be relevant and valuable even past the immediate moment of sharing.

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