How to Convert Your Client List to Email


Converting Current Clients to Email

Many small business owners will say, “I have 4000 customer addresses, but only 2 email addresses. How can I do email marketing?

What they should use are “webcards” or “web postcards”. These are post cards that have a picture of your website on one side and some type of printing on the other side. The printing should be some type of incentive offer to get the clients email address.

• Sign up for our email newsletter and get 15 percent off your next order.

• Sign up for our new E-zine and get a free 15 minute consultation.

• Sign up for our new E Newsletter and get a free 20 page exclusive report “Getting Repeat Business.”

This is about the cheapest way to reach your entire database. Whatever you spend on the mailing is worth it because once you get that email address, your costs to reach that customer go nearly to zero from then on. You also remind your customer about your website where they can go for current information, so the mailing does double duty for you.

You probably won’t get all of your customers to give you their email address, especially on the first try, but you should continue to try to get it every time you have a chance. Some direct mail studies show that two mailings to the same list within two weeks of each other significantly increase your response.

Don’t miss the opportunity to convert your clients to a highly profitable email list!




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