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Discussion Boards

You’ve probably seen them. Many organizations have discussion boards, AKA forums, where people can post questions and other people visiting the site who are interested in the topic, service or marketing idea, can answer the questions or jump into the discussion.

There are “moderated” discussion boards and “unmoderated” ones. Unmoderated ones are a little more risky, but not too risky for our type of clientele. They are risky in the fact that someone can get on there and start cursing, writing nasty things, or saying all kinds of crazy things. Unless you delete it, it would be broadcast to all the people that stopped by. Therefore, that could be a little dangerous.

A “moderated” discussion board is controlled by you or the moderator. The questions come into you and then you forward them to your members and filter out any ridiculous stuff. You could also change this slightly to be an “Ask the Expert” section of your site, which is probably more appropriate. You would invite questions and then answer them as the expert.

The Internet has been notorious for offering free things, so you really have to give a lot to get the kind of money that I’m getting back. I’m always happy to answer simple questions for people and I get emails by the zillions on many topics. I try to respond graciously and as fast as I can, so many of these people turn into customers or hire me. “Ask the Expert” is the type of discussion board that works well for most businesses.

If you want an outside solution here are some possibilities: This is one of the most popular and many website hosts give this to you for free and you can install it yourself through Cpanel and Fantastico.

Discussion boards can bring real value to your website and works even better with a membership site where you can sell access to the board through a monthly subscription.

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