How To Write Intriguing Article Titles


Get your articles read. That is the point of writing them. What is the first thing a person sees when they come across one of your articles?

The title.

This is the element that dictates whether anyone wants to read it. How can you write a title that makes people excited to read the rest of the story? Look at these easy techniques to liven up the intrigue and curiosity factor:

* 7 steps – this is the perfect length for readers who have little time to invest, but really want to get to heart of an issue.

7 Steps to a More Perfect Blood Sugar Level

* Reason Why – the reason why anything is the way it is can be intriguing. You also look as if you have some kind of inside information.

The Reason Why You’re Losing Money With Affiliate Marketing

* Warning – alerting your readers to something important can awaken their curiosity.

Warning: If You’re Using This Popular App, You’re Leaving Business On The Table

* Average Joe – readers don’t want to be talked down to. If you relate to where they’re coming from, it builds trust.

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Remember to be creative and write titles that beg to be read. Want to know how to make a living writing killer articles that help make people money? The answer is…. 


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