How to Write Professional Website Articles


Article marketing is a great tool for driving targeted traffic to websites, opt-in pages and sales letters. Using the different article distribution sites can be a bit tricky, though. There are a few things to look out for when submitting articles to sites such as

Tip # 1 – Make sure your articles are on your own site first as a page of your website. Also, make sure that the article page on your site has been indexed by the search engines first before submitting to the article sites. This will be covered in depth in a following lesson of this class.

To find out if a webpage has been indexed, copy and paste the URL of the page into the Google search box and hit “search.” If a clickable result appears, then the page has been indexed, if the result says: “Your search did not match any documents”, then it has not yet been indexed.

* We use the strategy of publishing to our websites first so that we get the credit in the search engines and not the big article sites. The site that publishes the article first gets the most credit.

Tip # 2 – That being said, make sure that your name is closely associated with the article on your webpage. ie: your name at the bottom of the article, your name at the top of the article or your name SOMEWHERE on the page that is easy to see. Article sites will reject articles that they can't easily find the authorship. If they can't find your name on your webpage and you try to submit the article to them, they will think you plagiarized it. This can hold up the approval of your article for weeks.

Tip # 3 – Keep articles between 400 – 500 words. Articles work best if they are not too long, and your reader is still engaged in the point. We suggest that if your article is 1000 words or more, break it up into two articles. This will give you more material anyway. Read the terms of service for the different article marketing sites to see the minimum text length.

Tip # 4 – Be sure to always use the Spell Checkers that the sites provide. We've seen far too many people submit without spell checking and the article site will reject it. Too much bad spelling and grammar, and you may not get valuable submission upgrades and could possibly have your account suspended. Don't believe that this sounds like too much trouble…it's good practice when submitting articles to other respectable websites that can provide you valuable backlinks, lead generation and credibility.

Write what you know

Articles help build your expertise, your brand and your credibility. They are a part of your business and can help drive valuable traffic to your websites to sell your products and services. Take parts of your books or even transcribe your MP3s, CDs and teleclasses to create content.

You're going to hear a lot about the value we put on article writing. Here are a couple tips. If you hate to write, but love to talk, you can get voice recognition software. Here are two programs that will take a load off your fingers:    Dragon Systems Naturally Speaking

The next tip is to simply carry around a mini tape recorder or mp3 recorder, and then get a college student to transcribe/ghost write for you. Try the English or Journalism department of your local University or Community College.

Here’s an ebook on using Ghost Writers:

You could buy content from professional and freelance writers. It’s not expensive if you put it out for bid and it keeps your content fresh. No one wants to read content they’ve seen at 50 other places and Google won’t like you too much either if you use rehashed articles on your site.

You can find ghost writers and outsourced help to have your articles written for you at:

Learn more about professional article marketing.

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