Internet Marketing as a Career: Webinar Consultations


Businesses have heard of webinars and how great they are for building leads and selling products, but few know the inside knowledge of how to utilize them properly. You could make a great living helping small businesses develop webinars as a consultant.

Here are just some of the topics that businesses need help with:

  • create powerpoint slides
  • creating the content outlines
  • operating the webinar software
  • creating the sales letter to direct people to buy after the webinar
  • how to record the webinar so the audience can have access to a replay
  • how to use an e-commerce system to process the orders (shopping cart)
  • how to create a registration page for the audience to sign up for the webinar
  • how to write powerful sales closes
  • and a lot more.

Webinars can be very complicated and demands that a consultant stand by a business as it creates the entire process from beginning to end. Only a smoothly running system can generate the results that businesses are looking for. Did you know that IMTC teaches everything you need to be a webinar consultant?

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