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Article Submissions

If you are trying to build links, do not bother to put one article in hundreds of article directories as I’ve stated in the past. This is no longer effective as you will only get credit for one. You still should seek out other websites complimentary to yours that are NOT article directories and submit the same article to them. They appear to be treated differently and given more weight because they don’t accept any old article on any topic from anyone.

If you are just looking for extra chances to get traffic AND if you have nothing better to do go ahead and submit your article to many article directories. If you’re lucky, someone will be at one of those directories and actually read your article and click to your site.

Directory Submissions

If you are trying to build links, do not put your site in the hundreds of crappy article directories on the net. This used to work, but is no longer working. Just stick to well thought of directories like, yahoo (but I’d be reluctant to pay $299 to get in) and maybe “best of the web” and “”

Reciprocal Links and Link Trading

This was good for years, but is now considered a “link scheme” by Google and could get you penalized. I’m talking about trading links with other sites and linking your own sites back and forth between two sites. It’s OK to link from one of your sites to another (but don’t link back). Immediately delete the many emails you get offering link trades. These are people that don’t know what they are doing and people that have purchased software to automatically find link trading partners. Don’t participate or waste your time. The only time it makes sense is if their site is much better than yours and people at the top of the game with great sites now know better than to trade with you.

Don’t throw a party

After you are out of the mythical “Google Sandbox” you may get an artificially high ranking in Google, then just as you are bragging to all your friends about it, you disappear off the face of the earth. This happens frequently and is nothing to worry about. You just got an artificially high boost because of fresh content and then you fell back to wherever you normally would be based on your search engine optimization and incoming links and competition. Now get to work and start your climb to the top.

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