List Building 101 – Buying Email Subscribers


Buying Subscribers


WARNING: You have to be really careful with this one.

You will see ads all the time like this, “WE'LL SEND YOU EMAIL MESSAGE TO 2,000,000 OPT IN SUBSCRIBERS FOR ONLY $29.95” or “BUY 28,000,000 FRESH EMAIL ADDRESSES ON CD FOR $49.95”

Don't you dare try this!

You will get hate email and kicked off your ISP.

There are some legitimate ways to buy subscribers. This process of buying subscribers that signed up for your ezine at someone else’s website is called “co-registration.” The companies that do this will send you subscribers and you'll pay them anywhere from .10 to .35 for each subscriber.

There are various companies you can try and some may be able to send you up to several thousand subscribers per week. You have to test this idea carefully for yourself to see if the subscribers you get are worth something.

Just be careful and don't spend too much on this until you are sure that the subscribers you get eventually buy something. Also watch the subscribers very carefully at first to make sure you aren’t getting spam complaints. Some less than reputable companies aren’t too picky about how they get the subscribers they send to you. Your best subscribers will be people that signed up on their own at your website.

Your email list is where the money is. Learn to build it the right way…

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