Marketing Strategies Involving Your Prospect’s Phone


Telephone and Text

There are two types of marketing that involve the recipient’s telephone.

1. Is voice broadcasting and the other

2. is text messaging.

For voice broadcasting you can use a service called http://www.automaticresponse.com

Be careful not to use this too often because it can get some complaints that it is too intrusive. Overall though, it can be very effective and people can opt out of the broadcasts easily. You also want to consider only using this service on a customer list of yours, so the people you are broadcasting to already have somewhat of a relationship with you.

There are two major ways you can use this.

A. You can record a message that is broadcast to all the phone numbers on your distribution list and

B. You can advertise a phone number to call for recorded information.

It’s simply amazing what these systems will do.

They have a wonderful video and features list for

A. at http://www.automaticresponse.com/v2/content/services/broadcast.aspx and

B. http://www.automaticresponse.com/v2/content/services/marketingline.aspx

Text Messaging

One thing is for sure. People look at their text messages and they normally do it within minutes of receiving them and mostly immediately when they receive it. They might wait a week or more to check their email, they may never check it or they may check it sometime whenever they feel like it, but not text. They check it NOW.

On one hand this is an EXTREMELY powerful form of marketing but on the other hand it still can be considered intrusive so you have to be careful how you handle it. The first thing is you don’t want to be buying lists of phone numbers and spamming text messages to them. That’s a great way to ruin your reputation.

The best way to do this is to give your customers or prospects a big enticement to allow you to text them, such as giving away give discounts on many of your products and services once a week. You should tell people signing up exactly how many texts they can expect. Some text messaging services require that you do this and you must guarantee that’s all the messages you will send.

You can send as many as you want as long as the receiver has agreed to it. Since text broadcasting is not free at the present time, you should be judicial in how many text messages you send and make sure you are getting a return on your investment.

Plus, for most professional people too many promotional texts would get aggravating. You can actually sell text messages. You could sell your daily inspiration message or your daily weight watching reminder or whatever short message you have.

Here’s some tips on text message marketing:

• Add a text message field to your ezine sign up form

• Add text message subscribe instructions to your printed material.

• Send a broadcast to your email subscribers encouraging them to sign up.

• Give instructions to sign up for your messages on all your social networks, websites and blogs.

• Don’t text too often

• Make sure you don’t text anywhere near sleeping hours (this may be difficult if you do business worldwide)

• Limit your messages to about 150 characters.



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