Marketing With Autoresponders – How To Pick The Right System


How to pick an autoresponder

  • They must be automatic. The person sending an email to the autoresponder should not have to type anything specific into the subject or body of the email for it to work. Many people would misspell whatever they were supposed to type and the autoresponder would not work.
  • You should be allowed an unlimited number of requests for your autoresponder.
  • You should be able to make an unlimited number of changes to your return message and you should be able to do this yourself any time day or night.
  • You should be able to capture the email address of the person requesting your autoresponder.
[NOTE: This doesn't mean you have the right to put their name on your E-newsletter list.]
Sequential Autoresponders
Inexpensive autoresponders are available that also send follow up messages at intervals you specify. As an example, a top Internet marketer did a FREE 7 Day Mini Course on Electronic Marketing.

In this case the person would visit http://www.GreatSpeaking.com where they could sign up for either a minicourse on public speaking or Internet Marketing or both.

1200 people signed up for this in about five days and they spent about $7,000.00 the first week after determining the creator of the course knew what he was talking about when it comes to E-marketing.

For the delivery of the course, they used http://www.KickStartCart.com because it is totally integrated with their shopping system and the autoresponders can be tied to a specific purchase which is an extremely powerful sales and customer service technique.
The way it works is that when someone buys a product they automatically subscribe themselves to follow up emails.

The emails can be used to give additional tips on how to use what they bought, or to sell them more products. The customer can unsubscribe themselves anytime if they don’t feel your emails are of value.

Companies that have Sequential Autoresponders


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