Massive and Passive: Affiliate Income Tips


Affiliate Tools and Tips

To effectively market your affiliate product, use the affiliate link in a number of creative ways to get the most action:

Email: include the link in email promotions targeted to your prospects, customers or database. After specific promotions are over, include the link in your email signature.

Newsletters: send newsletters to your database or someone else's with a story about how the product helped you and others, why it is valuable, etc… and include the affiliate link at the end of the story.

Blogging: you can write blog posts about the value of the product, what a great gift idea it is, how it helped you in any way, and include the affiliate link at the bottom of the post. Some blogs will accept guest posts that you can write and submit to. Include the link in these as well.

Website: create specific ad space areas on your website where you can promote the product and the affiliate link. It can be in the sidebar area on your WordPress site, or in a resources area of your main website.

Ebooks: create inexpensive ebooks and give them away in exchange for email addresses (opt-ins). The book will be informative to the readers, but can include the clickable affiliate link
inside of the ebook.

Social media: a great place to advertise an affiliate link is to share it with others on social sites. Make Youtube videos with the link in the description, post a story about the product on your Facebook account with the link included and tweet the link with bits of advice to your Twitter followers. Encourage your friends to ‘share' the link, especially if there is a second-tier
commission. They could earn extra money sharing your link.

Ads: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook all have pay-per-click ad programs where you can advertise affiliate products. This can be a huge potential money-maker if the ad is targeted
to the right people. Buying banner ads on other websites can be a high-profit, low-cost alternative to pay-per-click.

Don't forget traditional, offline forms of spreading the word: handing out business cards, meet-ups, seminars, brochures and even home parties, depending on what kind of affiliate product it is.

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