Membership Sites Are Still Hot!


When does 20 = 24,000?

If you had only 100 members paying you $20.00 a month, you would earn $24,000.00 in a “year”. 100 members by Internet standards is pretty pitiful performance. 1000 members would mean $240,000.00 a “year”.

On a bad “month” my membership site brings in at least $15,000.00 and a good “month” would be over $100,000.00. Can you see the potential here? If you want to create a site that will give you a monthly income from membership fees, you can purchase a turnkey solution that you can customize yourself.

People are making small fortunes with a small amount of weekly work with these sites.

A great program to use for creating membership sites is Membergate. You can check out an example of a site that uses Membergate at http://www.GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com.  You won’t be able to log in completely unless you are registered, but you will see the basic interface.

A relatively new and much less expensive membership software that is receiving a lot of attention is Wishlist Member. It is a plugin for a WordPress blog that turns the blog into a membership site.


There are many types of membership sites for every kind of business or topic. There are membership sites just for retailers, dentists, realtors, doctors and thousands more. Membership sites can contain specialized training that is found nowhere else, or it can be found in other places, but the value of the membership site is that it’s all in one place so people don’t have to spend time looking for the information.


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