Online Marketing – Why Build a Database?


Creating a database of potential fans is an easy way to have ready made customers for each and every book, CD, teleseminar or live event. Using an opt-in form software such as KickStartCart will give you the ability to collect names and emails in trade for something free from you such as a downloadable excerpt of your book, an MP3 of one of your teleclasses or a special report.

Each name you collect will be stored for marketing to later as the years go on. Sending your list a newsletter keeps your brand fresh in your prospects mind and gives them critical info about your business, qualifications and expertise. As your database grows, you can market all of your future products to the list. Your database is the number one key to sales. These are targeted people who already know you and are familiar with your work. A higher percentage of these people will buy from you than just random visitors to your website. That's why it is so important that when random visitors come to your website, you capture their information with a freebie.

Freebies should be digital products that are easily accessible and free for you to give away. E-books, MP3's and membership site content may have cost you your time when you were creating them, but are just files and electrons now. They have no cost of goods sold and no packing and shipping expenses. A speech from your seminar last year has now been turned into another product as an MP3 recording, ready to pass to the masses of website visitors you now have. As a part of your ever growing database, you have control over how you market and when you market your future products. Your database truly is gold….

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