Quick Video Marketing Tips For Your Web Business


Video marketing is a powerful way to drive prospects to your web properties. Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are favorites among those who like to shoot and share videos to help spread the word. Some problems are fairly common, however: there’s no time for shooting, some people are wary of being on camera and often it’s difficult to think of what things to talk about.

Here are some ideas that can help:

* Use http://www.animoto.com  to create quick and easy ‘slideshow’ videos with music and animation. You can use your own text and music selections to make an informative video.

* Get testimonials from your customers. Not only is this a powerful way to sell yourself to others, it keeps you from thinking of what to say and keeps you off camera.

* Man on the Street Interviews. Go out in public and ask random people how they feel about particular topics related to your business. Be sure to get permission from anyone you film that it’s OK to post their video online.

* Take any webinars you have hosted or seminars you may have presented at and use any recorded footage for short videos. Simply edit them down into small, informative chunks and upload to Youtube.

* Makes videos of yourself in ‘informal’ situations such as parties, at the mall, at the beach and seminars. It’s OK to have a bunch of videos that are ‘candid’. They all don’t have to be major productions with lights and make-up. Use these to give quick tips to your viewers about the things you see everyday.

Making excuses will keep you from using video as a money-making tool. Take a look at Youtube and see all of the various ways people use video to get their messages across. They are rarely big productions that take a lot of time and effort. Most are very basic, simple and candid, yet still deliver exciting and informative messages to your audience. Remember: just have fun!

IMTC has a number of great classes on Video Marketing. Get a free brochure that explains it all. 

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