Reputation Management You Can Do Yourself


Reputation Management


It is now a common practice that when potential clients or consumers are think of making a commitment or purchase, they will Google your name or the name of your business. If you have created your Internet marketing strategies correctly, you will have thousands of positive search entries that people could spend months reading.

This is more important than ever because of the speed and ease of use of the Internet. One disgruntled client or one devious competitor can cost you enormous amounts of business. The one or two folks out of thousands of satisfied customers that may have had a bad experience, be jealous or just plain don't like you and have put up a website that simply states that you stink.

Every business has detractors. The bigger you get, the more you will have. It comes with success. You can't have a website removed from the search engines, but there are ways to knock that site down off the first or second page of results where it is not so prominent. These are strategies that you can do yourself and you'll find that reputation management will be an ongoing part of your Internet business. This consists of positive information about your brand that you can control.

The first thing you want to do is set up monitoring. You want to know immediately if possible what is being said about you or your business on the web. Google Alerts is a great place to start.

Set up alerts for your name, your company name, your website, your blog, your partner’s names, etc. . . . Basically anything that would be a logical attacking point for customers, former customers, employees and former employees.

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