Squeeze Pages Revealed


Squeeze Pages

You may have heard this term and you may have thought that this was some cool new concept. A squeeze page is a page with very little content on it that requires you to register your name and email address before you can proceed to look at what you came to that site for.

Most of the time the page makes some big promise and then sends you to a sales letter. Admittedly, when everyone jumped on this bandwagon some big email lists were built in a hurry.

The problem was that because of all the hoopla, and because of Google’s mission to give good content to people, Google jumped in and did what is known as the “Google Slap”. I.e. they raised the pay-per-click charges sometimes from 25 cents to $10.00 per click on people trying to send Google Adwords (Google’s pay-per-click program) traffic to these worthless pages.

Of course, this caused trouble for people sending Google Adwords traffic to one-page salesletter sites too. Google came out with a quality score for landing pages which from all observations (remember Google doesn’t admit to anything) has something to do with the amount of time spent on a landing page and whether there are more than one page available in the landing page’s entire site.

The bottom line is that a simple squeeze page will still work if you aren’t depending on Google pay-per-click traffic. You still may want to put additional information on the page to keep people reading longer and put more multiple pages on the site where the squeeze page is located.


Reverse Squeeze Pages

This has to do with giving some great content and then asking for the person’s email address and name with a statement something like this. “If you would like more great content like this, please put your name and primary email address in the box and click submit.” This is a much better angle because your Google quality score rises the longer the person stays on the page. Just make sure the site is multipage and it should work just fine.

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