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How Does Google Search Engine Work?

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Google Search Engine and How it Works

Google Search Engine and How it Works

Google Search Engine and How it Works

Whether an Internet marketer or website owner, receiving traffic to your website or sales letter should be one of your biggest priorities. One method of getting free traffic is by organic search results using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are other paid methods for driving traffic to your website such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per Impression (CPM).

When someone types into Google's search bar, either a word or phrase, this is known as a keyword or key phrase. The results that are displayed after the search query is known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Google SERPS

When it comes to the SERPS there are two types of results that are displayed, sponsored and organic results. Sponsored results are located in two areas of the page, at the very top center and on the right hand side. These sponsored ads are known as Pay Per Click which are paid ads that appear whenever someone searches a particular keyword or phrase. The owners of these ads are only charged once their ad is clicked.

Organic results make up the majority of the SERPS and get 5-6 times as much traffic than PPC ads. These results are displayed by Google's algorithm as the most relevant websites that match the keyword or phrase search criteria.

Making it to the first page of Google is the objective for most website owners who understand the value of being where their targeted audience lurks. This could mean literally thousands of visitors to their website each and every month. So how exactly do we make it to the first page of Google?

Making the First Page of Google

First off, there are two main things that Google's algorithm uses to determine which pages should appear on the first page of any search query, that's good content and backlinks.

Google tends to reward web pages in the SERPS that are relevant, have well written original content and informative to it's users.

Google also rewards for backlinks – Backlinks are external links from other websites that point back to your website giving it “popularity points”. The more popular the link source, the more credibility this adds to your website. So websites with higher page rank will affect your website SERPS in a positive way.

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