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Email – Are you still in the 90s?

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Managing email is incredibly important for any business. When it comes to online businesses, you may have multiple email addresses for many uses. And, when it comes to email applications, you have many free and paid versions. But, not all applications are created equal. There are a few features that any email application should be able to provide you.

1) Access – Being able to access all of your email addresses in one place can speed up production exponentially. If you have an email application that can sync all of your email addresses into one easy to reach place, you will find the speed and ease of use make it difficult to ever go back to the ‘good old days' of checking a million email accounts.

2) Storage – Being able to store past emails that may or may not contain attachments is paramount to successful email management. If you have a mailbox that constantly gets full, requiring you to delete emails and shuffle around those you want to keep, it may be time to find another option.

3) Ease of use – Email applications that provide simple interfaces with easily accessible features will save you a lot of time and hassle with large and small tasks alike.

Changing email applications can seem daunting, but it's actually simpler than you think. You may just need to force yourself to change. But if you have any gripes about your current email, it's a necessary evil. If you still need incentive to change your email, take it from web guru Tom Antion:

If the big guys are doing it, so should you!

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