Using Pamphlets for Marketing a Business


pamphlets for marketing


People are making a fortune on pamphlets. If you go into an airport, there are pamphlets available that cost about $6.95.

They contain about twenty pages of all white space with one quote that says, “Be Productive.” It makes you wonder how long it took them to come up with that one! They couldn’t possibly have cost more than fifty cents to produce, and probably a lot less.

One particular lady is selling a pamphlet on how to do a really cool business card. It consists of 100 tips and she is selling these little folded pieces of paper for five bucks a pop. They are little pamphlets that are stapled together. These are great because the production cost is so cheap you can sell them in bulk by the thousands to companies to give away as premiums.

They give them away to their clients as a goodwill item. In addition, if you are selling them at seminars or trade shows, they are so cheap it is an impulse buy rather than a decision buy. Therefore, if it is five bucks and it has good information, somebody can afford it and will take it immediately. (Watch out that these little sales don’t hurt you from selling your big packages of products. You’d be better off throwing them in as bonuses if you sell more expensive packages.)

A friend of this school’s founder, Bob Bloch, has a book. It is more than a pamphlet, but it is not a killer, full-blown, big textbook. He has sold thousands in one shot. He sold the rights to someone and didn’t even have to print or ship them. They handled everything. He just created something and sold the rights. They printed up 100,000 or 200,000 of them and gave him a big chunk of money. He didn’t have to lift a finger after creating it the first time. So, you can make a lot of money with these things in many different ways.

Successful Internet Marketing strategies come in many forms…


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