What Does a Career in Internet Marketing Look Like?


Compared to other careers such as computer programming, accounting or even plumbing, Internet Marketing is relatively new. Many people are unfamiliar with the extant of what it truly means. Yes, you may have heard of making money online or ‘get rich quick' schemes with television commercials featuring bikini-clad women on yachts. But that's not what Internet Marketing is all about.

Take away the word “Internet” and concentrate on just the word marketing. Now think of all of the websites you visit and all of the ads you see online promoting products and services. It's very similar to ads in newspapers and on television except they are more dynamic and interactive: flashing banners, enter your email for a chance to win, printable coupons and links directly to stores where you can make a purchase. All of these ad tactics are a part of marketing – just done on webpages instead of television. This is the world of Internet Marketing. And nearly every business on Earth is getting in on it, because it works.

For the coming year of 2012,businesses will increasing their spending on Internet Marketing because they are getting more bang for their buck than with traditional marketing. Yes, they will still market like they used to: television, radio, print, billboards, etc… But the Internet offers an opportunity to reach more people for less money. Using Youtube, Facebook, email and Google to reach their customers, you can see the power of the Internet and why businesses take it seriously. The big question that these businesses will face for 2012: where will they find enough skilled employees to fill the rising demand?

This is just a small example of why Internet Marketing is a serious career choice. One that not many people may be familiar with, but one that will play an important part in all of our lives. Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of this ever growing career?

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