What Is a Joint Venture?


Joint Venture Partner:

Another business owner that you start a business relationship with. This person helps promote your products and services through email marketing, and/or website advertising and seminars in return for money or similar and equitable promotion to your database.

A Joint Venture can include any product, consulting, training or seminar that is complimentary to the database list of another business person. When that business person promotes your business, service or product, they will receive paid commissions on any sales you make through their promotions. The sales are tracked and recorded through affiliate tracking software as provided by KickStartCart.com or some others.

An example of a joint venture might be as follows: Mr. Smith has a product that he wishes to sell, but has no idea how to go about doing this online, as he has no potential client base. However, another Internet marketer, Mr. Jones, already has an existing client base with an interest in the type of product Mr. Smith is selling. By forming a joint venture with Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith can enjoy a number of benefits, including driving traffic to his own website, and generating product sales and orders. Mr. Jones would also benefit, as by endorsing Mr. Smith’s product he would earn a commission on each sale, thus increasing his own income.

A joint venture can be used not only as a tool for increasing sales but also a valuable tool simply to increase traffic to your own website. Developing a sizeable client base isn’t always easy, but joint ventures have provided valuable opportunities to make this far simpler. With the right joint venture partners you could see a huge increase in sales and/or traffic depending on your aims. Your joint venture could be with one partner or a number of partners – no matter how many parties are involved in the joint venture, the combination of tools and resources means that everyone involved can enjoy the benefits.

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