What Is Google Adwords Express?


Adwords Express is an easier version of Google's Adwords. It's designed for local businesses to easily set up ads for their brick and mortar store. It's specifically made for local businesses looking for local customers. Adwords express gives business owners the benefits of a targeted online ad campaign without spending a lot of time to manage it.

How it works:

When people search your area for the products or services you provide (“flowers in Dallas”, or if they're already in Dallas, just “flowers”) an ad for your business will appear above or beside their search results. Your business will also be marked with a distinctive blue pin on Google Maps, helping it stand out to potential customers.


The blue pin indicates a paid ad created by adwords express. The blue pin is only available for businesses that have paid for the listing. The orange pin indicates businesses that are listed with Google Places but have not paid for a listing. The lettered order of businesses is determined from organic search results. The orange dots indicate businesses that are listed with Google Places but are not ranked high enough with organic results to get a lettered pin.

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