What is Keyword Density?


Keyword density, also called keyword weight, is the ratio of a certian keyword on a webpage compared to all of the other text on the same page. How does this work? Let's say that you have 100 words on your homepage and 5 of them are keywords. Therefore, you have a 5 to 100 ratio or a 5 percent keyword density.

The importance of keyword density is that the search engines look for a certain density to determine a webpage's importance. If Google is looking for a 3 percent keyword density, a webpage with less than 3 percent density will look like it's not significant enough on that particular keyword and anything over 3 percent looks as though it's spamming the search engine.

Having just the right amount of keywords on a page compared to the other text is critical in search engine placement. But to keep webmasters from figuring the exact percentage out and manipulating the search results, search engines constantly change the ratio to keep it from being abused.

That is why some pages will rank high for certain keywords one month, then drop a few positions the next. This is normal and to be expected. The average keyword density however, is somewhere between 1 to 5 percent. Each search engine has different densities that they favor for positioning.

One way to get around the fluctuating density percentage is to create modern day sidedoors for your website. Side doors are article pages added to your website that will have varying percentages of density. One article on your website may have a density of 2 percent and another may have a density of 4 percent.

As each search engine changes it's ratio of what it is looking for, one or more pages of your website will meet the right criteria for keyword density. Having many articles, even on the same topic, with varying densities will give the search engines an bigger target to hit, increasing your chances for good placement in the results.

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