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YouTube Continues to Add New Features

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Video sharing giant YouTube continues to offer up more features for it’s users. Now, you can hover your mouse over the play bar to reveal a thumbnail of what’s going on in that video at that time.


This nice new feature isn’t going to help businesses with their video rankings, but it does create an even more enjoyable experience for YouTube viewers. YouTube rolls out new features all the time. Use video marketing techniques to get more customers. It really does work.

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1.)  Identify first what your business provides.
2.) Who does this business serve?
3.) What is your mission statement? Does it mention your business name, your services, your goals?
4.) Identify the words that describe your business

Then you are going to want to do your keyword search with the words you came up with.  You need to choose the words that have a lot of hits. The important point in making your online business presence a success and in using keywords is that these ‘keywords’ are words that should be in the title of your domain name if at all possible, in your mission statement, in the copy of your website, in your description.  By doing that The Search Engines will not have to search as hard and you could be one the first page.  I hope you will find a perfect Domain Name for your business.

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On-Site Campus

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Here is a view of the campus; It is really nice, area is good,  Friendly neighbors and a lot of parking.  If your interested and your in the area you should stop by and check it out.  We are just about there and are ready to start on-line classes.  You can learn how to start an on-line business, How to get more traffic coming to your business you already have, or even if it’s to get familiar with the computer and how everything works.  You will be opening up a bigger window for yourself , you will make yourself more valuable, and you will always have something to fall back on if your job falls through. 


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