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The “New Collar” worker is the common sense wave of the future.

I know for many decades parents have obsessed on doing whatever it takes to get their children a college education. The questions are, “Is that the best route for most young adults?”, or “Is it a colossal waste of money and a disservice to your child?”

Changing Times

Many parents even before the birth of their little bundle of joy have started college funds. Many didn't and then panicked when their child was in high school so they started looking at refinancing their homes to come up with the money. Grandparents frequently got involved wanting to help out.

According to an article by educator Chase Mielke, “How Our National Obsession with College Is Destroying Education”, Mielke says, “We are so fixated on just getting kids to college, we don't often ask why and for what purpose.”

Mielke couldn't be more right. Times change. You can count by the tens of thousands young adults racking up massive debt for themselves and their parents. Some overcome their disillusionment and actually graduate. Then, if they're lucky, they can work at Starbucks.

Sure, there are dubious statistics that say that a college degree will mean more income in a person's lifetime. Why do I say “dubious”? Just Google the various lawsuits waged against law schools for falsifying their post-graduation employment stats. 90 plus percent employment of graduates sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Not if you have $300,000.00 in debt while working at a job that doesn't even require a bachelor's degree.

Easy Loan Money is Easy to Squander

I just heard an entire segment on a TV Business network this weekend. It talked about how easy-to-get student loans provided tons of money to students so regular colleges and universities could inflate their already outrageous tuition and fees while forcing useless classes on the students. . . . Don't even get me started on the fact that teachers are giving extra credit for protesting rather than attending class. I guess these kids could get jobs as professional dissidents. I'll check to see how many openings there are for that.

Times have surely changed and it didn't happen recently. Somehow Mielke's fixation comment is evidence that bloated higher education systems that raise tuition and lower standards have blinded conscientious parents, educators and students. They've been putting out the self-promotional message for years that their way is the only way. They say, “Go to college no matter what”. I wouldn't be surprised if booze and pizza companies were behind this propaganda too.

The irony here according to IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is that, “Employers can't find the skilled workers they need even though job openings are at near record highs.” Why is that? I recall a cartoon I saw years ago in New Yorker Magazine. It was a Ph.D person at an employment office. The counselor said, “We have tons of BA's, MBA's and Ph.D.’s. What we need is a good body and fender man (sic person).”

Today's record high “body and fender” work is now electronic, computer and Internet related. True body and fender work is considered “Blue Collar”. Professional work like accounting, finance, executive banking, etc. is considered “White Collar.” Rometty is credited with coining the term “New Collar” work and that's what this article is about.

Put on Your New Collar

New Collar jobs are ones that don't require a college degree. Health care, manufacturing, and service businesses of many types utilize pretty much zero of the curricula forced down the throats of hapless, indoctrinated families and students.

You'd be better off burning your money rather than wasting 4 years or more of your child's life and burying them with debt.

Add to that the craziness the electives you're paying for that will certainly impress when interviewing for a job. I'm sure “Zombies in Popular Media” (Columbia College), “The Strategy of Starcraft” (U.C. Berkeley), and “The Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur” (University of Washington) will have companies bidding against each other for your grad's services. Oh, and don't forget “Underwater Basket weaving” (I'm not kidding) at Reed College.

Many people have been credited with the quote, “Common sense is not so common”, but Holy Wasted Tuition Batman! Stop and think about this. You just may be risking your child's future and your own financial future because you have been made to feel guilty into thinking college is a must.

CNBC said, “Vocational Schools
are the forefront of
preparing students for
the 21st century workforce.”

Now before you fly off the handle saying, “My kid is too smart to work with his hands as a laborer”, let me tell you a quick story. Then I promise I'll show you that “vocational” doesn't always mean bricklaying, welding and plumbing (which, I might add, are all very lucrative vocations).

I saw an interview with a high school graduate female that was in an apprenticeship to be an electrician. Her friends who were all going to college were pretty much making fun of her. This young lady had a great head on her shoulders. She told the interviewer that she's already making good money as an apprentice. She's learning like crazy. And she's gaining a skill that's in super high demand.

(Sidebar here: If you think I'm kidding about being in demand, I referred the electrician I use at my house to my new neighbor. He was told it would be 2 to 3 months before my guy could get to him. Every day across our fence he's been telling me he's checked about 10 other places and none can get to his job for a couple months…now that's being in demand!)

Back to our young lady. . . . She told the interviewer she was making her own way. She's going to finish the apprenticeship program with money in the bank and no debt in less than a year. She said her friends are all a financial burden to their parents and are taking a bunch of worthless classes and partying way too much.

Vocational” Does Not Mean “Backbreaking”

OK, so maybe you can't picture your little girl pulling wire all day, but just because it's called a “vocation” doesn't mean it's manual labor where you have to wear a hard hat.

Here are a few vocations that favor brains over brawn: (and they don't require a 4-year degree)

  • Advertising
  • Bookkeeping
  • Chef
  • Computer Programmer
  • Concierge
  • Cost Estimator
  • Data Entry
  • Dental Assistant
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Hairstylist
  • Electronic Repair
  • Flight Attendant
  • Food Service Manager
  • Interpreter
  • All types of sales
  • Nursing
  • Limo Driver
  • Loan Officer
  • Marketing
  • Medical Assistant
  • Police
  • Social Media
  • Tour Guide
  • Truck Driver
  • Vet Assistant
  • Website Design

This is obviously just a smattering of the thousands of different types of lucrative non-degree, non-backbreaking jobs available all over the country and abroad.

Many also lend themselves to starting a small business either part time of full time. For instance, your child could start a bookkeeping service and could freelance evenings and weekends as a limo driver. (I know from hiring tons of limos the tip alone is a good day's pay for many people.) You could even purchase a used limo for way less than tuition, fees, and lodging for one semester at most universities.

To be totally transparent here, I run a vocational Internet marketing school. But far beyond my self-interest in writing this article I see young people all around drowning in debt and coming to me so overqualified for the jobs I offer, I almost feel bad hiring them. It's a sad state of affairs when I'd rather hire a computer geek high school kid who rides his bike to work, than someone with a Master’s degree in some obscure topic who is desperate for any kind of work.

So, it may be time for some soul searching and maybe a good sit down talk with your young adult to see if it makes sense to ship them off for 4 years, incur a great amount of debt and cross your fingers they’ll get a job upon graduation. Or, it just might make more sense to get them an in-demand skill where they can go to work quickly, incur little or no debt and then decide later if they’d like to go for a degree.

We at the Internet Marketing Training Center would love to discuss with you how your youngster could have a lucrative and totally sought after skill that will allow him / her to get a job, start a legitimate online business, or both. Please call and we can lay out a plan to make this happen in about 6 months, with no lodging expense as we’re a distance learning school, . . . AND for way less than the cost of that limo.

Call me Tom Antion at my office at 757-431-1366, or mobile at 301-346-7403 and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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Is College Really Worth It?

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Many disillusioned college graduates are asking the question these days: Is college really worth it?

With one of the latest studies claiming that more than 73% of college grads are forced to accept job positions well below their educational level and salary expectations, it's becoming increasingly clear that college can no longer be legitimately  touted as a guaranteed path to success.

The first thing I’d like to state is that I’m not against traditional education. I was valedictorian of my high school and got a good solid B average in college. What I am against is an unwarranted and relentless frenzy of misguided voices telling you how important it is to get a college education. Then they railroad you or your kids into crippling debt with little chance of it paying off with increased job prospects and salary increases.

Let’s take a more realistic look at what you can expect when going the traditional route towards higher education.

Benefits of Traditional Education

Well, there’s no question you'll learn how to drink and socialize . . . no doubt about that. You’ll also earn an appreciation for beer economics, concert ticket scalping and class scheduling based on start times of noon or later and at most two sessions a week.

Night class at a typical 4 year college

Night class at a typical 4 year college

According to an article in “The Economic Collapse” “Most college courses are so easy they could be passed by the family dog…..A college education can be a wonderful thing, but right now we have got a system that is deeply, deeply broken.” Take a look at their article “20 Completely Ridiculous College Courses”

Ridiculous College Courses 

Now that may sound a little outrageous, and admittedly there are many schools that give high quality and required training for certain professions. The point I’m trying to make is that in this tough economy do you really want to pay a fortune and blow 4 to 10 years or more to come out with tons of debt you can’t get out of and few job prospects?

Advance Degrees are Not Exempt

I remember seeing a cartoon once that was set in an employment office. The caption read, “We have tons of BA’s, MBA’s, Ph.D.’s and JD’s. What we need is a good body and fender man.” This sentiment of having a skill that an employer actually wants, or a marketable service allowing you to start your own business couldn’t be more true today.

You better approach your advanced degree with an even bigger “degree” of skepticism. Class action suits are being filed all over the country by students who are claiming their institution purposely and fraudulently overhyped their job prospects when they graduate as well as inflated the success rates of past graduates.

You tell me if you think it’s ok if a law school boasts that “the overwhelming majority of its students — 90-95 percent — secure employment within nine months of graduation.” Seems OK to say such a thing doesn’t it?

According to a suit filed against New York Law School (NYLS), “The reality of the situation is that these seemingly robust numbers include any type of employment, including jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with the legal industry, do not require a JD degree or are temporary or part-time in nature.”

Now what do you think? Would you be willing to plunk down the $50,000.00 a year tuition if the above claim against the school was true?

Well NYLS dodged a bullet and got off with a dismissal and a little finger wagging from their brethren judges, but it’s pretty clear to me and some of the other judges involved in the case that this entire situation looks a little shaky.

Do you think all the other bloated colleges with rising tuitions and Tenured professors who couldn’t care less if you get a job or not, but need to get paid are above fudging the job prospect figures just a little? I certainly don’t and I’ve seen plenty of MBA’s working at Starbucks.

Student Debt Crisis

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the cost of a college education is increasing by two to three times the overall rate of inflation. College costs are rising even faster than the cost of medical care.

Estimates for college loan debt per student run all across the board. A 2012 study by The Institute for College Access & Success showed the average debt for undergrad school was $29,400.00. Another average for the top ten most expensive schools went as high as $49,400.00. BusinessWeek reported that “Median debt loads for graduate school borrowers increased to $57,600 in 2012”,….with law school grads hitting a whopping $140,616.00

Even considering the fact you have to die or leave the country to get out of paying off your student loans, defaults are high everywhere especially in the “for profit” sector where I’m located. I think there are several reasons for this. 1. High pressure sales tactics are used to enroll students that shouldn’t be enrolled in the first place, and 2. Poor quality training is common in the “for profit” sector so  the student doesn’t really have marketable skills when they graduate.

I don’t think it is fair to claim that a higher percentage of defaults are to blame on the fact that the colleges are “for profit”. I think the playing field is balanced when you consider for the past 50 years parents and children have been brainwashed into thinking a college education is the end all/ be all for your career prospects. With this ingrained attitude people begrudgingly pay off their student loans from traditional institutions and blame themselves or the job market when they find themselves stocking shelves at Walmart.

The Argument for Skills Based Schools

It all boils down to money doesn’t it? In many cases a person could opt for a 4 year college, rack up significant family and personal debt, be exposed to useless classes that pretty much fritter away their time and get out with no better job prospects than the auto body mechanic mentioned in the cartoon above. AND if he does get employed doing anything, he sends a large chunk of his paycheck to pay off loans for years and years. . . . All in the name of the social experience of college. OR,

This person could take a practical approach by going to a skills based school in a profession that virtually guarantees employment. In this case debt is minimal or non-existent, additional housing and living costs are cut by 75% (by 100% if it’s a distance learning school), income is generated within six months to a year and the job prospects are known to be legitimately high.


Which situation would you rather be in? Let’s think about this in the context of the social experience and personality rounding you get at college which is frequently one of the benefits listed for attending. Let’s use Starbucks as an example. What will people think of you if you are 16 years old and working at Starbucks? . . . No one will really think twice about this will they? They’ll think, “Hey, that’s great!. You’re working and getting good tips. That’s awesome!” You’re young. You’ve got spending money. You feel great and on your way up with the entire world ahead of you.

Now let’s flip this. You’ve graduated college (or even worse grad school) and you’re working at Starbucks…Don’t get me wrong, any work is honorable, but how will people think of you now, or more importantly how will you think about yourself?

You’ll most likely be tight on cash because you’re paying off your student loans. You won’t have a cool and reliable car. You’ll be tight on time because between working shifts you’ll be trying to squeeze in interviews (if you haven’t given up yet). You’ll be embarrassed when applying at a big company with your MBA to tell them that you’re slinging coffee for a living, staying in your parent’s home and generally life will probably not be a bowl of cherries. The only good thing is that you can reminisce about all the fun you had in college and the wild drinking parties you had and how great it was to sleep in every day.

The Stepchild Gets the Spoils

CNBC did an article on Vocational Schools “Call them vocational schools, trade schools or technical schools—it doesn’t much matter. Once considered the poor stepsister to traditional four-year, liberal arts institutions of higher education and a refuge for second-tier students, they’re now at the forefront of preparing students for a 21st century workforce.”

If you recall, Cinderella the “poor stepsister” is the one who got the spoils. She was not the most flashy or the most fun in the beginning, but she got the Prince and the keys to the kingdom.

Take a hard look at what a skills based school can do for you. With little or no debt upon graduation and good solid job prospects (not to mention prospects of opening your own business), you will be able to  afford the things you want, feel great about yourself and have no trouble giving a nice tip to your MBA buddy at Starbucks.

If any of this resonates with you or one of  your children 15 years of age or older call me. I'm the founder, Tom Antion, and I'll be glad to discuss a great future for you or your child.  Call my office at 757-431-1366. The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is the only licensed and dedicated Distance Learning Internet marketing school in the country. (Licensed by State Council on Higher Education of Virginia SCHEV)

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Become a Social Media Consultant

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Making money online is far easier with a good education like the one you’ll get at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. You can sell your own products, books and services no matter what they are if you implement the proper marketing strategies. But there is an even more lucrative way to make money with this knowledge: you can be a social media consultant for others. A social media consultant role is to understand the true value of social media and to develop a marketing strategy for their client.

When you understand and successfully implement the strategies you learn at IMTC, there are many other business owners who want to know how you did it, and they will pay you to help them. Marketing online is completely different when compared to traditional retail marketing. Once you develop an understanding for social media and how to use it to grow a business, your expertise can help a struggling business become successful online.

I recommend picking one social networking platform to learn and master at a time and once you are comfortable with all the little tricks and successful marketing strategies, move on to the next. This step by step approach will help you understand how each social media platform is different and what marketing strategies you should use for each particular client and their business goals. As a social media consultant you will definitely stay busy, because the social networking platforms are constantly changing and adding new features for users. In the last month, Facebook released at least 3 major changes and announcements that effect how businesses use their Facebook Page. As a social media consultant you should be ahead of the curve. You stay current by understanding any new changes, determining how it will effect your clients business, and then developing a plan to attack.

There’s no shortage of businesses that need consultations for their online marketing. Just about every business, local or national, is looking to get more traffic to their website and more sales from the visitors that make it there. Having your own social media consulting business could be the most profitable career you’ve ever dreamed of. Start to imagine the future you want for yourself and check out the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia today, we would love to help you reach your career goals.

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Benefits of Building Websites with WordPress

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Here at IMTC we strongly recommend using WordPress websites. WordPress is a popular tool for building websites because it is not extremely complicated and it allows the user to completley customize the functionality by adding “plugins.” A plugin will allow you to change or add a functionality to your WordPress website.  We teach you everything you will need to set up your own WordPress website, it may seem overwhelming but with basic computer knowledge and a open mind you can master the basics.
Our user friendly WordPress Website Creation lessons will walk you through the steps to install and set up WordPress website. Our lessons include a combination of videos, articles, and screenshots to cater to every learning style. The diligent instructors have even complied a reference guide of frequently used, and mandatory plugins that will be very useful to you as you walk through the WordPress Creation lessons.
5 Reasons IMTC Loves WordPress
Ease of Use
WordPress is so simple to update on a regular basis. You can add new pages and blog posts  quickly and effectively. Skip trying to learn Dreamweaver or any other complicated HTML editing software.
Fully Customizable
With the many different theme, widget, and plugin options you can make a unique website that shows your personality and reflects your business accurately to consumers. Adding your social networking links, a calendar, or an opt in form to your website are a few popular options that are available and easy to use.
Built in Blog
Make your website more interesting by blogging. Blogging will establish you as an expert in your field and you will be able to interact with your consumers. RSS, comments, and email subscriptions are all possible with a WordPress website.
Search Engines like WordPress
SEO becomes a breeze because you will have full control over the meta tag keywords, descriptions, and titles. The simple interface also makes it easy for search engines to read and index your website. If done correctly you can get more visitors to your website.
Multiple Users
You can set up multiple users to manage the site.
If you are a business owner we believe that you should understand how WordPress works so you can edit and update your own website without having to rely on a web designer for the simple tasks. After mastering the WordPress Website Creation lessons you will have the skills and knowledge to be self sufficient in running your own business website or you can be a WordPress consultant and help other businesses set up their own WordPress websites.

The options are open to you and here at IMTC we make sure you are well prepared and qualified. Check us out and start your career in Internet Marketing.

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Distance Education Night Classes

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Learning at night could free your life up for important things. Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

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Are You a Dream Chaser?

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You are reading this blog because you want to pursue a career in Internet Marketing. I am so happy that you have decided to dedicate the time and self discipline needed to be successful in this business. I can't and won't sugarcoat it, it won't be easy, but like anything that requires full commitment, it will be worth it.

Many of your friends and families may question your lifestyle choice.
“Why don't you get a regular job?”
“Why would you want to sit on the computer all day?”
“Is that a scam?”

The list goes on and on, they don't understand and that is Ok. Some people are perfectly happy in their comfort zone and have different goals for life. On the other hand you are a Dream Chaser, you feel driven to reach your fullest potential and want more than the typical 9 to 5. Dream Chasers live for the challenge of wanting more out of life.

Aside from the outsiders questioning you, you may be doubting yourself internally and have feelings of being scared, uncomfortable or just unsure about your decision to be a Dream Chaser. Stay positive and keep pushing past the negative thoughts because deep down you know you will never truly be happy pursuing the 9 to 5 or letting life pass you by.

Achieving anything worth bragging about requires long and short term goal setting. This is where your personal definition of success will play a major role in reaching your goal. It will define what or who you are striving to be and why. Make sure your reasons are true to your heart and passions because when times get tough those goals need to stay as the main focus and that will keep you going toward your long term goal. Motivation is the key so make sure you set short term goals also so you can recognize your progress along the way. Many successful people agree dream chasing is much more than reaching the end result and along the way you will grow, learn, and be a better you because you chased your dreams.

So go out there and get started, be a Dream Chaser and follow your heart! Visit to get started in Internet Marketing today.

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Consumer Online Activities

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There are many different reasons consumers go online. Listed below are the top 6 activities consumers perform online:

  • 92% Email
  • 92% Search
  • 81% Check the Weather
  • 76% Read News
  • 71% Watch Videos
  • 71% Purchase Products

You are reading this because you are thinking about starting a career in Internet Marketing or you already have a business and you are trying to increase your web presence. As an Internet Marketer it is your job to capitalize on the current trends. A lot of tasks we used to do offline have been replaced by online activities. For example the Netflix streaming volume exceeded rentals in 2012. Consumers are still watching movies but the Internet has made it easier, you don't even have to leave your couch to purchase the latest movie. While Netflix is making profits, Blockbuster went bankrupt. Instead of going against the trends, stay ahead of the curve and visit to start your profitable Internet Marketing career.

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How to Diversify Your Online Business

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Many people dream of working from home and making money on the internet, Who can blame them?  There is a lot of money to be made on the internet and you are reading this because you want to learn how.

Many successful internet marketers encourage having multiple streams of income. Some of the most popular ways to create multiple streams of income are:

  • Mentoring or consulting
  • Selling products through affiliate links
  • Create a unique product
  • Build a membership site
  • Educational telesiminars
  • eBooks

Here at IMTC we stress the importance of creating multiple streams of income and creating products that you can get paid for over and over again. You want to always have money coming in even when you are not actively “working.”  Working from home can give you flexibility with your lifestyle, let's say you decide to take a break and go on a vacation.  While you are relaxing you can always have money  coming in from different products or services. Diversifying your business will produce positive results because you will connect to each customer how ever they prefer.

If you are ready to take your career or business to the next level and discover the most up to date tips, visit the site


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Why you should learn Video Marketing

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Adding a content filled video to your business website will increase the rank of your website in search engines, which means more visitors.

Video marketing has grown in importance over the last few years and it is not slowing down. It is estimated that by 2016 2/3 of the worlds mobile traffic will be from videos (Cisco).
Video will help your website stand out from the crowd, establish you as a leader and expert in your unique niche.

Businesses are paying top dollar for specialized knowledge in online video. With the ability to create, shoot, and edit videos you will be on your way to a profitable career.

Here at IMTC we stay ahead of he curve and have many lessons from beginner to advance for shooting great professional videos that will get you noticed.

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Learn Internet Marketing From The Comfort of Your Own Home

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Can you really earn an educational certificate from the comfort of your own home? At IMTC, we make it easy for people ready to make a change in their life to learn (and earn) from home. Through our distance education software, it's easy to learn a new skill, participate in lessons and have them automatically graded all while online.

New mom? Taking care of elderly parents? Or maybe you don't live anywhere near a college. You are the perfect candidate for distance education. We offer the opportunity to learn at your own pace, without having to attend classes at a set hour when you may not be able to make it.

These are the issues that affect many new students, but one we have overcome at IMTC. Find out how you can even make money before you have graduated with out free career brochure available at



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