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How to Upload a Transcript to Youtube

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There are two different types of file you can upload. The first one is a caption file. This file contains the text and the exact times in the video that the text was said. A caption file is usually made by special captioning companies or possibly the person who created the video. Most people will not have a caption file, which is fine, because the next option, Transcript File is perfect for that.

A transcript file is going to be a text file of what was said in your video. You can create one of these by either watching the video and writing down everything that was said, or if you have a script, you can use that. Once you upload your text file transcript, your video will now have some new features. Click the View on video page link next to the Captions and Subtitles tab.

When you view your video again, you should see a new Closed Caption button (CC) next to your annotations button. If you click the ‘CC’ button, subtitles of your text file will be visible. Another cool feature that your video now has is the ‘Interactive Transcript’ button.

If you click the ‘Interactive Transcript’ button, your transcript will show up. This transcript pops up right above the description box and will scroll through your text as your video plays. Pretty neat, huh? And it’s helpful for search results as well.

YouTube (and Google) is doing everything it can to make videos be searchable. Unfortunately, the technology is not quite there yet, but it will be. In the meantime, one of the best ways to make your video have extra search engine juice is to add a transcript. Transcripts are text, and search engines like text.

With an added transcript, you make it a lot easier for search engines to find you. If you click around YouTube and watch some of your competitor’s videos, you may see a lot of them are not using the transcript option. Either they don’t know about it, or are lazy and don’t want to bother. Whatever the reason, it’s good news to you. With a transcript, your videos may start to show up higher than theirs, and that’s always good.

How can you get higher search results with more video tips?


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Internet Marketing Jobs: Online Video Marketing

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Online video is a great way to spread your message to the world. Businesses large and small are investing large sums to create, edit and distribute videos all over the web: through their websites, blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, email and even turning them into DVD products or membership site content. Sometimes it's just the main way to communicate to their clients via email, sales letters or video brochures.

However a business uses online video, one thing is true: a person that understands search engines, keywords, script writing and even simple editing needs to help pull the entire thing together. That person could be you. There are many video editors out there, but few understand the concept of online marketing. How the search engine finds the video, how it's presented and how it's shared by others has everything to do with marketing beyond the usual technical aspects.

 The video titles, formats and web pages they are on have to be optimized fully for search engine performance. There needs to be a heavy social media sharing campaign if anyone beyond your website visitors are going to see it. It needs to be concise and to the point, meaning that when people see it, it makes money. It needs to be ‘repurposed', meaning that it can be used to make other products and make more money than the original video was intended. Video editors, actors, and cameramen – the people who bring the video to life -rarely understand these concepts.

This sounds like a job you could be proud of – a job that is growing every year. While the economy is killing many traditional careers, the Internet and how people are using it, is growing. Businesses are switching gears and investing in new marketing techniques that are less expensive but have a farther global reach, such as online video. Discover how others have taken the dream of  work from home and made it a reality.

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Internet Marketing Careers – How to Become a Video Marketer

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Video marketing is the number one online business solution of 2013. Why? The increasing popularity of videos is making businesses rethink how they present their information. The percentage of people that watch videos to get their news and training, according to polls, is growing fast and shows no sign of stopping.

What is video marketing? It's the process of shooting, editing and distributing online video all around the globe to bring in new traffic and informed prospects to company websites. People like watching videos because they are so dynamic and entertaining. Most website visitors have little time to read long passages of text, so they opt to watch videos instead. Videos can bring out information that text cannot: showing products in action, presenting screen-capture training such as showing the use of software and meeting the staff in a personal way.

Google and the search engines love video. For the reasons stated above, search engines believe that a video experience can be of more value than text alone, and will often support online videos with better and longer lasting search results. The main job of a video marketer is not necessarily shooting the video (video production), but instead is in charge of getting the video widely spread across the web using Youtube, social media, blogs, mobile devices, other video hosting sites and turning the video into products that can be sold.

IMTC supports the idea of a growing online video world with its Video Marketing courses and training. You don't need your own camera and equipment to be a video marketing expert, just access to a computer and the Internet. How could the growing demand for online video create an opportunity for you to work from home in a fresh new career?



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Why You Should Be More Active On Your Youtube Account

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A number of perks become available to those Youtube users that have had a channel in good standing for some time and regularly upload videos to their channel. One perk is an extended time limit for videos. When you first sign up for Youtube, the video length for uploads is limited to 15 minutes. After some time goes by with an account in good-standing, you can begin to upload videos that can be as long as 2 – 3 hours or more. This is very helpful in using Youtube to share recorded webinars with your registrants. You can't just ‘ask' Youtube for extended video length either. They will basically surprise you with a notification that states “Congratulations! You can now upload videos longer than 15 minutes in length.” The only thing we've found to expidite this is to be as active as possible on your account and upload videos regularly.

Another perk that is a lot of fun is the ability to upload a custom image for a video thumbnail. With new users, you're only offered a choice of three random thumbnails to choose from for your videos. But active and longer standing accounts will now see a ‘browse' button for uploading the image of your choice while in the ‘edit video' mode. Again, length of time and regular uploading will help hurry these perks along for users.




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Video Marketing – Get More Views of Your Youtube Videos

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Keywords in the titles of your videos will give you good exposure to the search engine results giving you the majority of your views. Whether it's searching on Google or Youtube, both engines look for the proper keywords for positioning, just like a regular webpage.

Most of your views will come from natural search engine results by people looking for that information. That's why the proper structure for titling your videos and doing your keyword research ahead of time is so important. Titles will be covered more in a lesson coming up in this class.Your subscribers will give you your initial views early as soon as you upload it, creating a high search result on Youtube.

Here are some other clever ways to get additional views of your videos: Share them on your social networking profiles – Every social networking site now makes it easy for you to share videos with your friends. Facebook lets you upload videos directly from your computer to your Wall for everyone to see. You can tag your friends by typing their names in the ‘tag your friends' feature, so they will get a notification to watch the video. You can also just copy and paste the URL to your Youtube video right into the status update of your Wall and it will play on the Wall.

Copy and pasting a video URL in a Twitter tweet will make it play on the new sidebar area of your profile. People can watch the video right on Twitter without leaving to go to Youtube, but it still counts as a view. No matter what social network is your favorite: MySpace, Orkut, Flickr, Bebo, Squidoo or Ning, they all have the ability to share videos with your friends.

That's not all. you can use Pinterest, blogging and even press releases to get more views of your Youtube videos.



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YouTube Continues to Add New Features

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Video sharing giant YouTube continues to offer up more features for it's users. Now, you can hover your mouse over the play bar to reveal a thumbnail of what's going on in that video at that time.


This nice new feature isn't going to help businesses with their video rankings, but it does create an even more enjoyable experience for YouTube viewers. YouTube rolls out new features all the time. Use video marketing techniques to get more customers. It really does work.

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YouTube Adds More to Its Search Results with Ratings Results

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Looks like YouTube is at it again, always changing their features. Looks like they are now displaying the percentage of ‘Likes' a video has. They are using a color system of Red, Yellow, and Green to indicate whether the ‘Likes' fall into mostly positive, mix of positive and negative, and mostly negative. It seems like a lot of accounts don't have this feature yet; but lucky me, I do. What's nice about this is the fact that I can now look at the results and skip all of those stupid rick-rolls or still image videos that most people hate clicking on. You can even search by rating now instead of just relevance or date.Screen shot below if anybody's interested. Also, if anybody's looking for a new niche, feel free to tackle the one I was looking up to get these results. It's open to everybody. 

The interesting thing to me is that some videos in the results don't have any ratings percentage listed. When I looked at those videos I noticed they had likes/dislikes but there weren't that many. It seems IMO that your video needs to have at least a total of 50 votes – regardless of if they're positive or negative – in order to have the percent shown. I've already started searching by rating and I don't even go near the videos that don't have any percent rating. Looks like YouTube Marketers just got a new feature to figure out.

Good luck everybody!

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Driving Website Traffic With Youtube Videos

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Youtube videos are the popular traffic driving device to populate your websites with excited visitors. Videos work wonders in terms of branding yourself and your business because they're dynamic, visually appealing and fun. They can create a blast of interest in your products and services, possibly even going viral, if you utilize the elements of humor, adventure and exciting graphics.

Youtube videos are viewed around the world 24/7, even when you're busy doing something else. If you produce them properly and have a lot of them, they can brand your products and educate people with your message. Getting viewers to your website is fairly easy: be sure to put a watermark (or “lower third”) at the bottom of your video with your website address on it. This can act as an advertisement even if people post your video to their own websites. Some videos can go ‘viral' rather quickly without you even being aware of it: shared on blogs,, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and in email attachments. make sure your website is visible in case this happens.

Put a clickable link to your website in the video description area. From Youtube, a viewer can click out to your website while watching it, driving real traffic to your site. make it easy for them by putting the link in the first line of your description box. Also, add your website addresses to your channel's “about me” section as well.

You can even have videos promoting a particular website for a limited time. You can use videos to ‘funnel' visitors to special promotion for a couple of weeks, and then change the clickable web address in the description to another site later. You can edit your video's title, tags and description any time with out losing views on Youtube. Videos can promote certain websites only for certain periods of time, such as holidays and events, then send viewers to a home page or blog after that.

IMTC makes video marketing easy. It's easy because we've experimented with all of the various techniques to see which ones work best, so you don't have to. You can use video marketing to sell your own products or help a business brand their services just like television commercials. Think about how valuable you would be in the workforce armed with this kind of specialized knowledge.

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Vimeo Changes Interface to Compete with YouTube

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In the world of video marketing, YouTube is king. However, there are many other video sharing sites that still get a lot of traffic. One of them being Vimeo. Vimeo has just changed its layout in order to make it easier for users to find other content on the site. With the new redesign, it's easier for users to follow subjects, keywords, and other users. Vimeo is known for its high quality videos and simple embedded player. Vimeo found that most bloggers had accounts on both YouTube and Vimeo, yet they would always embed videos on their blogs with Vimeo's player because there are no ads displayed over the video. With these new features, Vimeo is hoping people will be attracted to the site and use it as another marketing tool as well as for their viewing pleasure.

Video Marketing is one of the fastest growing aspects of online marketing. See what else is HERE. 

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YouTube Homepage Features

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YouTube’s homepage is laid out in order make it easy to find all of your subscribed channel’s videos. It also helps integrate social sites with your activity on YouTube.

When you first go to the home page, once logged in, you will see many different options.

Starting in the upper left, you will see the ‘Add channels’ button.

Clicking this will bring you to the ‘Add Channels’ page.

This page provides you with a list of categories on the left hand side, as well as suggestions to channels you may be interested in subscribing to. Looking closer to the left hand side, you can see the different categories to choose from.

Below the “Add channels” button is your profile information, with links to ‘My channel’, ‘Videos’, ‘ Likes’, ‘History’, and ‘Watch Later’.

‘My channel’ will bring you to your own YouTube channel. This is where only your videos will be shown. The goal is to get people to subscribe to your channel.

‘Videos’ will take you to a list of the videos that you have uploaded. No other videos will be shown. This can help you see all of your videos quickly.

‘Likes’ will show you a list of the videos that you ‘Liked’.

‘History’ will show you a list of the videos that you have recently watched.

‘Watch Later’ lets you see videos you wanted to watch, but wanted to watch later. You manually create a list of videos to be put into the ‘Watch Later’ section.

Below the links will be a place for you to upgrade your accounts with social networking sites as well as read comments that other YouTube users have sent you.

The next section on the left hand sidebar is for your subscriptions. As a YouTube user, you can subscribe to other YouTube channels that are interesting or entertaining to you. This makes it easy to follow these channels, thereby making it easy to view any new videos those channels upload.

The ‘Subscriptions’ link is highlighted by default when you first log into YouTube. A list of the most recent uploaded videos from your subscriptions will be seen in the feed area of the YouTube page.

The ‘Social’ link, located below the ‘Subscriptions’ link let’s you see videos from that were shared with you via social networking sites.

Below the ‘Social’ link will be individual channel links for you to click on. Clicking these will bring you to a page that show those channels’ most recent uploads. You will also have the option of looking at more of your subscribed channels or to see all of them.

Below the subscription section is the ‘From YouTube’ section.

Clicking on the ‘From YouTube’ link will show you suggested videos that you may be interested in. The ‘From YouTube’ section is broken down into smaller categories such as: ‘Trending’, ‘Popular’, ‘Music’, ‘Entertainment’, and more. Clicking on each individual category will provide you with more suggestions related to that category. After looking over the smaller categories, it appears that when you click on the ‘From YouTube’ link, videos that show up in the feed section are for the most part the top or second video from each smaller category.

Below the ‘From YouTube’ section is the ‘Suggested Channels’ section.

This area shows channels that you may be interested in subscribing to. Clicking on the ‘Suggested channels’ link will show in the feed the most popular videos from the smaller sub-categories listed below it.

If you hover your mouse over any of the individual channel names, an X will appear, allowing you to remove this channel suggestion.

The right hand sidebar contains Recommended videos. These videos are based on previous videos that you have watched.

Recommended videos also have the option for you to remove them from the list by simply clicking the X.

Below the recommended videos are Spotlight videos as well as Featured videos. These are chosen by YouTube and can’t be edited or removed.

Being familiar with YouTube's homepage layout will let you quickly and easily get to sections that you want to access. Learn how to use every tool you can to succeed with a business or start a new career.

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