3 Great List Building Tips For Increased Targeted Visitors


3 Great List Building Tips

3 List Building Tips

3 List Building Tips

The key factor in online marketing is building up your list and should be the number one priority for any marketing campaign. Simply by building up a list of subscribers helps you to create a solid platform for now and into the future. Lets talk about 3 list building techniques that's simple to setup and and proven to bring results.

Tip #1: Offer Something For Free

This may sound easy, that's because it really is. You would want to offer something that has value to your visitors, in exchange for their email and name. The free gift can actually be anything that is downloadable as long as you have the rights to distribute it. One of the most effective ways for list building and driving traffic to your free offering is by creating a “squeeze page”. Joining in JV Giveaways is another excellent way to get your free offering out to hundreds or maybe thousands of possible prospects at no cost. You should also join several forums in your niche and make a profile signature in which you'd be able to link back to the squeeze page you created. By doing so, every time you make a contribution to a specific forum by posting a thread or comment your signature will be added, normally below your post.

Tip #2: Go Viral by Distributing eBooks

You can find an abundant amount of free content across the Internet that you can utilize for your list building campaign. Another good way to find content for your campaign is by using Private Label Rights. After you've gathered enough content you can now reuse the material to create your very own unique eBooks. Within your eBooks you can insert links that point back to your sales letter or squeeze page and take advantage of the viral behavior of eBooks that's in rotation and downloaded every day throughout the Internet. In order to create an eBook you simply need to create a word doc and then save it as a pdf file. You can upload your eBooks to eBooks directories, as well as article directories on the Internet, which will be distributed through these websites to drive major free traffic to your sales letter or squeeze pages.

Tip #3: Making Use of Pop Overs & Exit Pops

By using pop overs and exit pops enables you to acquire the specifics of potential prospects who attempts to leave your website without opting in for your particular offer. Exit pops may be more preferable because they are only activated whenever someone attempts to leave the website. Many find this far less pushy and annoying. Pop overs and exit pops are scripts that enables a new window to open whenever someone that has been searching your website for a specific time frame or when they decide to leave the website all together. By using these pop scripts you should see a substantial improvement in your conversions. By using WordPress as your website platform, you should be able to find several plugins with these pop features.

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