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4 Awesome Resources to Help You Market Your Online Business

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imtc-blog-1There are many kinds of opportunities out there on the Web to advertise and market your business—you just need to know where to look. At Internet Marketing Training Center, we use several different ways to market our content to entrepreneurs, authors, personal development coaches–anyone who wants to start an online business and/or learn about Internet marketing to help them grow their brand. Here’s a list of some of the resources we use.

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a social media automation app that allows you to schedule posts to be shared on social media (with support currently for Twitter; Facebook profiles and pages; and LinkedIn profiles and company pages). Edgar, allows you to store all of your updates online in a category-based library, where they remain even after they’ve been posted once. Edgar also allows you to save as many updates as you’d like.  


Audiense is a social marketing platform with rich, actionable insight and marketing tools to engage audiences based on what they say, who they are, and how they think. This allows marketers to understand their audiences in unparalleled depth, identify strategic market opportunities and engage audiences intelligently. It eliminates assumption and guesswork about your audiences, helping you to identify and target new markets, and to nurture and grow existing ones.


Canva makes design simple for everyone. It allows you to create designs for web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and many other social media graphics.


DrumUp is a powerful content marketing, curation and social media management tool. Discover and curate trending content, and schedule posts on Twitter. Although you cannot market your business on there, you can find content to curate to bring an awareness to your brand and provide valuable content.

There are many more resources out there, but these are the ones we use consistently. Join us each month to get more.

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3 Things We Learned about Modern Day Business Owners

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Every month, we check in on our students to make sure they are doing well in the coursework.  We give them a call after reviewing their progress on our backend. Of course, we somewhat have some insight as to how they’re doing (we can see how many courses they are completing) but really, it’s their chance to ask questions or give any feedback about the material.  During this month, though, we were quite excited to receive back-to-back comments from students who had similar experiences.

One student said he use2 products pinterestd some of the tips and tricks provided in the coursework to tweak his website, and a few days later he noticed that his overall ranking on his site improve in the search engines. (Pretty cool, huh?) Another student shared with us how grateful she was for the course because she was learning so much. She said that she was implementing one of the productivity we recommended, and landed a highly qualified intern to assist her business!

With each conversation we had with our students, we were able to take away some key points. Points that help you understand exactly what the modern day entrepreneur, Internet marketer, social media marketer, or business owner are looking for. Ok, here goes…

  1. They need credible information from people who have been there done that.  We are working with real life entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs that want to take their businesses to the next level.  They do not want (nor have the time) to fiddle with what “may or may not work” for their businesses.  That’s why we compiled content that caters to the real-world entrepreneur that wants maximum impact from the exact way the found made his multi-million dollar empire. From building their WordPress site to lead magnet ideas to sales and conversions, we give them what they need now!  
  2. They want to see results.  It’s often a difficult place for entrepreneurs (because we know that results often take time) but they want to see them and they want to see them now!  For that reason, we don’t play around at IMTCVA.  We ensure that our student’s lessons and coursework push them to learn AND build their companies along the way. It’s a process that happens simultaneous.
  3. They want updated information that changes with the industry times. Technology is always changing. The way things are being done online is changing too. What was done a decade ago may not be what’s most popular now. Heck, social media wasn’t even in the picture years ago; however, it’s one of the top ways Internet marketers and business owners are tapping into their target market to generate cash flow. Luckily, we know that and stay abreast of what’s coming out.  We are always deleting obsolete concepts, researching and adding the best content for our students.

Overall, we are elated that our students are doing well in the course and progressing towards graduation. Looking at some online graduation rates (the not so good ones) it’s an honor to have our students trucking through. I hope you gained some valuable insight from the information we provided.

Also, if you saw yourself in any of the three points we mentioned, we would love to hear from you!  We would love to help you take your business (or aspiring business) to the next level. Whatever you need, we’ve got it!  For information on how you can join the school please go to to inquire.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing

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So, you want to start your career in Internet Marketing? Well, I'm going to give you a quick overview of how to get started. Here at IMTCVA, we call it the three prong attack. There are three areas that you should hone in on whenever you decide to move forward.

3 Prong Attack Elements:109120500

  1. Website
    • Make sure you have a website that's ready to convert (make sales). This consists of your shopping cart systems, content and all!
  2. Database
    • Focus on getting people on your email list.
  3. Products
    • Become a product machine. What is your signature offer? You should make it your duty to create quality-driven products for your target audience.

Each of these components will help you get started. Even more, as you focus on the three prong attack, make sure you realize these three crucial elements to help you along the way too.

  1. Dive in. Don't just get your feet wet, as the idiom goes, but immerse yourself in the internet marketing world, learning everything from A to Z.
  2. This contradicts the first point, but it's relevant. As you immerse yourself in the information, make sure you don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once. It takes a few years to actually be confident in knowing what you're doing. Therefore, don't get discouraged not truly grasping the concepts or feeling like the elements aren't coming together.
  3. Which leads me to the next crucial point—get some training. The saying, “You don't know what you don't know,” is evident here. What you don't know can truly hurt you. And in this case, financially. Knowing what to buy, or what not. There are scammers everywhere trying to take your hard earned money (take a look at the Top 20 Seminar Scams here). Why give them the advantage by not knowing what you're doing?

Overall, these are the top three suggestions and top three key elements to help you grow your business as a newbie in this industry. If you'd like to learn, be sure to check out our in depth training on Internet marketing at our school.


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What Can You Do With a Certification In Internet Marketing, Anyway?

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OK, seriously, what could I possibly do with a certification in Internet Marketing? My dear friend, I think the real answer lies in what you'd like to do. Are you a go-getter? Do you push the limits with creative ideas? Are you one that doesn't conform to traditional way of doing business?

As you continue to evaluate who you are and what you'd like to do, you start to see that the Internet is a mere tool to express who you are, what you do, and what you give to others; it spreads YOUR message. To be honest, you can do just about anything on the Internet, if you have the skills and knowledge.

To give you a quick glimpse of some of your options, though, I'm going to share with you two excellent reasons you should want to increase your skills and training to be able to create a life and business you love.

  1. Get educated on what's working now. You'll get access to information that is timeless in concept, but changes with new and improved advanced technology.
  2. Gives you more opportunities. Certifications and degrees make you stand out above the rest. It shows the world (employer, customers, clients) that you took it serious enough to educate yourself with information.

Overall, you can be whoever you'd like to be on the Internet. Successful, lucrative, giving, well-known—the possibilities are limitless. However, you must put into place a strategy in order to get there. Certification can help you reach those goals.

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Boomers Reinvent Your Career with Internet Marketing

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Are you a boomer looking for ways to supplement your retirement income? Or, maybe you are finally ready to follow your hearts passion. You should consider Internet Marketing as a second career. Baby boomers are blazing a trail in the business world, and there are many opportunities out there.
To get started, I recommend taking a topic, niche, or industry your are familiar with.

What industry did you retire from? Do you think there are areas for you to help other people in that niche grow? It is all about sharing your knowledge to help other people.
The key to starting a second career online is finding a niche that you are an expert in. You want to make this journey fun.

What topics does your heart gravitate toward or have a passion for?  What are your hobbies?

Here at The Internet Marketing School of Virginia, we want to help baby boomers like yourself reinvent their career options. There is a lot to learn but, it is not impossible. The Internet is connecting people; it is a whole new world that we want you to experience.
To get your second career started correctly it is very important for you to feel comfortable using the Internet.

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia offers the training that will help you along the way. We give you a structured, but flexible program that will allow you to learn at your own pace. You will also have access to the school directors to answer your questions and help guide you through the courses.

Starting a successful second career does not have to be a mystery. Once you develop the basics you will have the insight to know what direction to follow for success.

To learn more about The Internet Marketing School visit us by clicking here!


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Try a Career in Social Video Marketing

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If you have been keeping up with the latest Internet trends you may have noticed that video marketing is huge. There are many different options available for creating and distributing videos on social media.
A video marketing strategy can spice up a businesses’ social media presence.

If creating video for small businesses and entrepreneurs interested you, you can use the Internet to grow. The classes at IMTCVA will walk you throughout the How- to's and latest techniques so you can reach your goals.

Combining Internet marketing with a creative video approach can become a win – win situation. You will help entrepreneurs produce compelling and entertaining videos for their target market.
A lot of business owners would gladly pay to get video ideas and help for their business.
A successful video marketing strategy can help build consumer awareness and increase engagement. Video marketing can be used in many different industries.

You can offer to:

– Take the consumer behind the scenes of the businesses’ daily operations. Consumers love feeling connected to their favorite brands.
– Highlight an upcoming event. Answering the 5 W’s in a quick and entertaining video will help build excitement for the event. Consumers will often remember the event if there is a video associated with it.
– How to video for a product or service that the business offers
– Answer any FAQ’s
– Throw a contest and ask for consumers to post a video to win

These are just a few ideas you can offer to business owners for their video marketing strategy. It is important that you stay creative and use your imagination. Facebook, Intsagram. Vine, Google+ Hangouts, and YouTube are all platforms that allow you to share video.

Take a look at so you can start your education toward Internet marketing today!

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Like Research? Content Marketing May Be in Your Future

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Content marketing is the theme for 2013. There has been a shift in the way consumers purchase products and interact with brands or businesses. The popularity of social networking took the marketing world by storm. Social networking is the reason why the marketing industry has changed.

If you are pursing a career in Internet marketing, content marketing is a great focus. If you like to research you can help small business owners fill up their editorial calendar.

Content marketing has become a popular marketing technique because there is a lot of competition online and the consumer has the ability to easily access data that can quickly influence their buying decision. Business owners have to find ways to stand out in the crowd. Content marketing shows the consumer that a business is there to help them by releasing material that they need or content they can relate too.

If you want to be a content marketing specialist you have to understand the target market your trying to sell to. For example imagine one of your clients is a local flower company. As a content marketing specialist you can come up with a content marketing strategy. You have to research what their ideal customers enjoy so that you can form a connection and gain trust. Some content ideas would be, a blog post about different flowers and what makes them special or popular, ideas on incorporating the content into upcoming holidays, or video on how to prepare the flowers once the customer brings them home. The list goes on but that is the type of information you can offer your clients.

The popular forms of content are:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Articles

It seems like every Internet marketer is rushing to take advantage of Content Marketing but don’t get discouraged. You can become an expert at advising small businesses on what topics their target audience is interested in, with the training at IMTCVA you will learn keywords and how to find target markets.





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Follow Your Heart to Reach Your Dreams

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Are you considering a career in Internet Marketing? I am so happy that you have decided to dedicate the time and self discipline needed to be successful in this business. I can't and won't sugarcoat it, it won't be easy, but like anything that requires full commitment, it will be worth it.

Many of your friends and families may question your lifestyle choice.
“Why don't you get a regular job?”
“Why would you want to sit on the computer all day?”
“Is that a scam?”

The list goes on and on, they don't understand and that is Ok. Some people are perfectly happy in their comfort zone and have different goals for life. On the other hand you are a Dream Chaser, you feel driven to reach your fullest potential and want more than the typical 9 to 5. Dream Chasers live for the challenge of wanting more out of life.

Aside from the outsiders questioning you, you may be doubting yourself internally and have feelings of being scared, uncomfortable or just unsure about your decision to be a Dream Chaser. Stay positive and keep pushing past the negative thoughts because deep down you know you will never truly be happy pursuing the 9 to 5 or letting life pass you by.

Achieving anything worth bragging about requires long and short term goal setting. This is where your personal definition of success will play a major role in reaching your goal. It will define what or who you are striving to be and why. Make sure your reasons are true to your heart and passions because when times get tough those goals need to stay as the main focus and that will keep you going toward your long term goal. Motivation is the key so make sure you set short term goals also so you can recognize your progress along the way. Many successful people agree dream chasing is much more than reaching the end result and along the way you will grow, learn, and be a better you because you chased your dreams.

So go out there and get started, be a Dream Chaser and follow your heart! Visit to get started in Internet Marketing today.

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Are You Confusing Customers With Your Website?

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Establishing an online presence is very important when you are working toward having a successful online business. An effective website can help your business attract the right consumer and convert them from a casual browser to a buying customer.

Websites are supposed to be easy to naviagte and understand. In this fast paced world you have a very small window of oppurtunity to keep the consumer interested in your products or services. If your website is not user friendly the consumer will not hesitate to move on to your competitors website. As a business owner your focus should be centered around building an online community of “fans,” these are the customers that trust you, like you, and are loyal to your products or services. These customers are your number one source for word of mouth advertising. You start building these important consumer relationships by having a website that showcases your products or services professionally and accurately.

To be successful your website must implement the following 5 steps:

1. Be well designed

2. Use keywords and speak in the language of your target audience

3. Establish you as an expert and build creditbility in your chosen field

4. Collecting an email list of consumers interested in your products or services

5. Have a way to generate revenue

The instructors at IMTC teach the most current strategies to get your buiness website up and running. Your consumer does not want to think, so don't force them to by using tricky navigation, poor design, or difficult to understand copy. Make visiting your website an exciting experience and not a confusing journey. As a business owner, if you make a concious effort to always keep the consumer in mind and think how your target market thinks you will cover each of the 5 steps easily and your online business will be on the way to success.

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Businesses Need Your Social Media Expertise

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A Social Media Consultant is a great option for a career online. Social Media may come easy you but it remains a mystery to many business owners. The education that we offer at the Internet Marketing Training Center will prepare you to assist business owners with their Social Media marketing. With so many popular social networking platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn businesses in any industry can capitalize on social networking. Business owners are looking for  an unique way to connect with their audience via social media. A social media consultants' role is to understand the true value of social media and develop a marketing strategy for their client.

Social Media Set up
This is usually a combination of services that will get the client started on a social media platform. Includes setting up a social media strategy, profiles, and researching what platforms will have the best impact.

Social Media Content Creator
You will create original content for you client to post to their social media site. You can set it up as a one time package or an on-going service.

When you understand and successfully implement the strategies you learn at IMTC, there are many other business owners who want to know how you did it, and they will pay you to help them. Marketing online is completely different when compared to traditional retail marketing. Once you develop an understanding for social media and how to use it to grow a business, your expertise can help a struggling business become successful online.

There’s no shortage of businesses that need consultations for their online marketing. Just about every business, local or national, is looking to get more traffic to their website and more sales from the visitors that make it there. Having your own social media consulting business could be the most profitable career you’ve ever dreamed of. Start to imagine the future you want for yourself and check out the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia today, we would love to help you reach your career goals.

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