Are You Using Title Bars to Your Advantage?


According to SearchEngine news and Planet Ocean, two of the most respected SEO research firms, the “title bar” area is one of the most important SEO friendly parts of your website. It’s where the search engines look first for the respective keywords about your site and carries the most weight of any other area of text for keyword relevance. Are you using these ‘title’ area to your advantage?

For most of the website that I look at, the answer is no. Most are still labeled “Home”, “About Us” and “Contact”, etc…  In WordPress, the default title is the name of the page itself: /about-susan-jones and other such labels. However, there is a plug-in that can change the title area to whatever you want it to be – and keyword rich titles are the ticket to SEO success.

The All-in-One SEO Pack plug-in is free and easy to use. It installs in seconds and is a powerful tool for exploiting the proper keywords on your website. After installation, the form will appear at the far bottom of every page and post in edit mode. Here is an example of the SEO Pack below:


Using the proper keywords, you can easily attract the search engines so they can match up your website content with those who are searching the web for information. Learn more about proper SEO of a website.



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