WordPress Vs. Blogger


We get this question all of the time.

It’s all about customization. Both blogging platforms have the potential to draw subscribers, get good search positioning and drive traffic to your websites. Both create engaging posts using images, audio and video.

The difference is in what happens after the visitor arrives at the blog itself. With WordPress, you have many options for engagement that are not easily available for Blogger sites. The most powerful option is a side-bar widget for opt-ins. An opt-in form is critical to marketing anything on the Internet. Building a database can lead to many more sales above and beyond just traffic coming and going on the blog. The Blogger platform theme doesn’t support side-bar widgets and for the most part, is not at all able to support other popular plug-ins such as store widgets, lightboxes and polls.

The major difference that most people recognize between the two services is the ability to make the site look any way you want. WordPress themes are 100% customizable so they can look exactly how you want it to. Most of the time, you can’t even tell a website is using WordPress software unless you look at the code behind the scenes. Blogger, while it can be somewhat customized, still uses the same basic template without the ability to make drastic changes.

I’ve seen both platforms look great, engage visitors and come up high in search engine results. But because of the vast array of plug-ins available, WordPress wins hands-down in its ability to be a fully customizable tool for your marketing needs.

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