Authors – Use video and Internet marketing to promote your book


If you are an author, you know how hard it is to market your book. One interesting technique that seems to be taking of is to use video and the power of the Internet to promote your book for you. What a lot of authors are doing is they are creating video book trailers. Just like movie trailers that show clips of what the movie is about, book trailers do the same thing. Book trailers can simply be still images set to music. Add a little text to the video and you’re done. Video trailers can be used to introduce characters in the book, summarize the plot, or even promote the upcoming launch date. That’s right, not only are authors using video trailers to market books they’ve already written, they are also promoting books they haven’t finished yet. This way, video trailers help produce buzz for a book. Any time you start getting buzz for a book you haven’t yet finished, it pushes you to keep going and get that new book finished. Also, you can get a feel for how many sales you will get after you launch.

But, video book trailers need to be found online for potential customers to find. This requires Internet marketing knowledge. A lot of questionable Internet marketing techniques can be found online with a lot of searching done on your part. Or you can get certified from the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. Not only does IMTC give you the most focused education on Internet marketing around, but it provides you with a certificate you can use to get a job with any number of businesses that need Internet marketing done for them. Also, you can take the knowledge you now have and market your books or any number of goods and services online. And all of this can be accomplished in as little as six months.

So what are you waiting for? Start using every option to market your book, right now.

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