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Just about every business with an online presence has a blog. It's a great way to stay in touch with your prospects and customers, letting them know of new products and changes in your business. It gives your customers a way to comment and be a part of the goings-on, increasing your interactive marketing and client loyalty.

Some blogs do better than others and I'll show you why. Attracting new traffic to your company website is the main reason for blogging. The keywords you use in the post titles are important for search engine optimization and attracting new customers. Keyword research is probably one of the most critical parts of writing a successful  blog. How disappointing would it be if all of your hard work and postings were seen by literally no one?

Keyword research needs to be conducted ahead of time — before you start writing your posts. Look at the title of this post for example: Blogging For Business. Using the keyword suggestion tool from Google, I found that nearly 8100 searches a month are conducted for this phrase.

That's pretty good. I try and pick words or phrases that don't have too high a search (1,000,000), because the competition is too high as well. I also don't want to pick a word or phrase with too little searches (87), because no one's really looking for it. 8100 to 15,000 is just about right. That's a lot of potential traffic I could attract to the website.

Besides paying attention to and writing good, compelling content, the title keywords are your most important priority for a successful blog.

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