Careers in Internet Marketing: Paid and Free Ads


Just like any other business, ads play a huge role in Internet businesses as well.

While most believe that search engines bring in all of the customers to web-based businesses, the amount of competition to get on the first page of a search result leaves ads as an important alternative to attracting traffic. The most popular ads are called pay-per-click and they appear on the top, and often on the right-hand side bar of a search result. PPC ads give a business an opportunity to ‘bid their way' to the top of a search result page in just a few hours.

There are also Facebook ads, banner ads and free classified ads such as and Craigslist. Each ad is constructed differently depending on how its used. For a pay-per-click ad, the business owner doesn't have to pay until a searcher ‘clicks' on the ad. That being said, the ad needs to be written very carefully so people who would not be interested in the product don't click on it. This is called ‘qualifying' the ad for a specific target customer, making sure that only the most qualified prospect clicks on it.

Free ads need to be written so the most critical information is presented in the least amount of words. People scour free ads by the thousands and it needs to stand out from the others or it will get lost or be ineffective. Whether ads are paid or free, they need to be conversion-friendly: written enticingly and leading to a landing page that makes money. If this is all done incorrectly, there will be a lot of wasted time and money.

That's where businesses need well trained writers and ad managers for their websites. You just can't have anyone pop an ad on the Internet. There's many variables that take place for an ad to work. Millions of dollars are spent every year on ads that stink. Most businesses are looking for someone with the specialized knowledge that you'll get at IMTC. We teach only the proven and specialized techniques that make money on the web. Get your free career brochure and see what you're missing out on.

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