Cool Exit Strategies Explained


Smart Internet marketers make money coming and going . . . that is when their visitors are coming and going. Obviously when your visitor comes to your site you want them to buy. Not so obviously to the new marketer is the fact that an enormous amount of money can be had from people leaving your site if you know what to do. The beauty of many exit strategies is that the person has already decided NOT to buy and by using these techniques you get them to change their mind.

Here are some exit strategies:

Sell down technique: This technique can be used to offer a cheaper price when someone is leaving your sales page without purchasing. You can call the pop up box they get a “Pick Your Price” deal, but in actuality you can pre-select three cheaper price points for them to pick from. “Almost” everyone will pick the cheapest price, but some lovable souls choose from some of the higher priced options. The product they get is the same. This technique is best for digital download products like e-books because you don’t really have any cost of goods sold.

NOTE: You may not see the exit strategy if you have a really good series of pop up blockers. Exit pop ups are being blocked more frequently so this strategy will not work 100% of the time. It can still make lots of money, so don’t discount it’s use just because it’s not 100% anymore.

NOTE 2: Alternative software and scripts are being developed to simulate unblockable exit pop ups. Entry popups using dynamic HTML (dhtml) have been unblockable for a long time . . . exit pop ups have not. Programs like exit splash (very cool effect) http://powertips.exitsplash.hop.clickbank.net are a little bit harder than previous exit pop ups to put into play, but they can be extremely effective in catching people who are leaving your site and turning them into customers, or you also may like popover ads. It’s a little easier to implement than exit splash and gives you lots of options.

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